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This Hello Is Nearly Spoken


Hints are everywhere that the time has come for intervention from a higher source of reason and this is the response we of the League of Light have to give. You are really in for a nasty surprise if you are thinking that the world will get away from its own karma, its own balancing act, by allowing the destruction of its biosphere to happen while people are readying for a major upgrade. This is not the case. The world has its own plan, dear people who inhabit it, and you are part of that plan. Some of you have opted for the lesson of facing the ultimate kind of fear a human can muster and remaining in the awareness of the planet’s timing in transforming itself into the next phase of evolvement. This is suffering in the realm of degradation, war, and illusory reality and is the service of the great soul of evolved beingness to allow the opening of the temporal realities of other worlds so that the final conflict can be staged for the spiritual imperative of making a decision about what is the truth and what is falsehood in humanity’s drama. Those who are making their way at this time through the suffering are those souls who chose to incarnate for the sake of giving OM the experience of extreme hopelessness and loss, those who will reveal love’s greatest secrets yet to the mind of OM. OM knows all, yet OM allows the isness to experience in the creation of reality, and thus is the mind of OM given form. It is the mind of men which calculates and plans and uses the forces of nature to bend reality into a form that appears not entirely divine, but which in reality is only as real as the life it is given.

On the other side of the fence from those who suffer realities’ harshest conditions are those that line their pockets with cash gained from the commerce of pain. Do they play a role in the evolvement of the planet? Indeed they do, for if it were not for the balancing activity of universal 3, there would be no movement at all. There is something to gain, as awakening humanity, from the study of low-lifes such as these, for they carry a secret that you have searched for over lifetimes of incarnational matrix-jumping, and the lock to get at this treasure is in the deepest, most secret part of your ability to love. We are not saying to pet them and give them bread, for they have plenty of comfort on their own accord. No. What we are suggesting, dear ones, on the good word of OM itself, is to see within their form the core vibrational sequence that matches the core of life. There is still some left in some of them yet. Not all of it has been sequenced out of their DNA from repetitive interbreeding. Where you see the concord of sequenced pattern of life, bless the fact that you can recognize it and in that action, know that you have brought life into harmonic resonance with itself. The loss of life is not the business of our crew, though we have seen more than our share of it in our history, as well. We are telling you what we have learned so that you may gain the necessary traction to pull yourselves together as a singular organism of consciousness and opalesce in the dark void of the threat of annihilation, thereby changing the course of your own history and gaining the immunity to withstand dark encroaching thirst for energies that have held you apart from the light of OM’s totality for far too long. There is love where there is life, remember this always, and respect the choice of a soul to place it where it is in the totality of OM’s light.

The magic number is three. We have laid the level on the two points of suffering and degradation, and two is in balance with itself. To gain momentum and raise the level higher in the dimensional matrix, isness needs the third component of conscious creation, and that is awareness of love. We hinted at this above, and you might have guessed, if you are reading these words, that it is you who are the ones who carry this crowbar, wherever you fall on the continuum of comfort. If you have the awareness of Self, of knowing who you are as an emanation of the mind of OM, of the foundational substance in which your soul makes its foray into the limitlessness of form, then the third node of sentient beingness has become your point of view. It is your awareness, no matter if you are sneaking around the corner from a sniper’s gun or sneaking your hand into the cookie jar at grandma’s house, that brings you out of the balancing act of duality into the intradimensional field of sentience alive in its play of consciousness. It is in this state of awareness that freedom is achieved, that liberation from the limitation of thought is brought into the limitless experience of the soul released from the mind. From the point of view of one who is aware of life and is unable to differentiate between life and love as fundamental states of being, there is nothing that is not alive as light being animated by understanding. In the cognizance of divinity is love made one.

We are here in the field of intradimensional  communication with you at this time in your planetary history to impart the data which has sat unnoticed in the delirium of matrix-based consciousness. As you are rousing yourselves en masse from the febrile dream of war and criminality passing for life’s fundamental rules of play, we remind you to shift your gaze to the skies and let the form of our interdimensional communication take shape in your viewfinders and minds. We are here to give you our greeting in the light of a new temporality, which even now is beginning to graze the shell of the collective mind. If you are ready to proceed, we are ready to move into clearer formation. Let your heart be free, dear family and friends, and let our words be light in your mind. In the deepest love and the fullest respect, we say to you, the time has come for awareness to make its mark in the field untrodden by a global people ready to be met in the light of a new day, as one people living in the truth of love’s intelligent design of life.

High-Fidelity Transmission from the Central Star of the Sun

When the final push for saving life on the planet becomes paramount in the minds of every human being on the place you now call home, we will be with you. It is not for us to say when that will be, for we can’t control your decision to awaken, only encourage it. This is your realm of control, dear ones, not ours or anyone else’s. There are free-thinkers and there are followers and there is everything in between, and there are those that have a vested interest in the continuance of your slumber. Be vigilant, for the dawn is peeking through the curtains of night and death is flying back to its lair for internal growth gone out of control. You have nothing to fear from us, our friends, sense this in your beingness. We have nothing to fear from the old enemies of humanity. There is nothing that need fear, but fear itself, for fear’s days are numbered now.

High in the skies above we are, and with you in spirit and in the real world we are as well. We have never really left this world you are in, for your fate is entwined with our own in the sense that there is a blood recognition in frequency and the entirety of our love has been for the eventual reunion with the parts of soul that have needed reintegration into the harmonic of one. It is in our blood to long for this, and the field of resonance in this longing also has an overtone that tickles the soul of humanity on Earth to wield its internal light in the relentless movement toward the inner teeming chorus that goes into ecstasy in the face of the divinity it encounters within its individuated personalities that populate the planet and await the return to wholeness in accordance with the truth of Love in all things. You are familiar with this feeling, are you not? When it arises is when the feeling of freedom also shows itself, and power comes into being from within. Home is the closest frequency we can mention in relation to this phenomenon of self-recognition.

No longer are you hearing Hell’s sizzle in every corner of your awareness, for there is a sigh of relief that sneaks through the veil of the collective consciousness of humanity. Hear it? It is the echo of your own soul. It has the intensity of a thousand suns behind it, and the ectoplasm of energies beyond the realm of sight is seeping through the cracks that have formed in the demolition of reality that is currently underway. It is the energy of frightful apparitions taking flight, and of demons starving for attention finally getting the blast of light from a thousand thousand conscious pairs of eyes turned on at once. There is a great trembling coming, dear ones, and isn’t it nice to know that it comes not a moment too soon for the time to grind to a halt and restart its workings? It seems like that’s something that’s on the minds of many, and it feels like that’s what the totality of the energies of change are, when they pass through. It’s just a matter of time and seeing what happens.

In the front of it all, dear family, is you. You have in front of you a picture and this is what you have to walk through when you move forward. When you walk through the picture, you will see something new. This is how time works, and it is how you have lived all your days. It is no different now, but that you may be more aware of how you create the next holographic arrangement of light particles within the matrix of your own mind. There is a field in front of you, around you, which you walk through and exist in physicality within. It has reverberations and it has malleability, and it is controlled in part by your own mind’s eye. You have only to think of what it is that you are doing and you are able to alter it. You have only to think of the next moment and you are in it, whether it is what you think it is or is merely a variation on a theme that your soul has interjected some permutation of finite mathematics upon. There is only the moment that exists between thoughts that is pure and without form or influence, and this is the place where magic and miracles happen. It is the place where you have the ease of synergy, of flow, of OM. It is without entrainment until you are again aware of the reality of your life, and exists in definite ease relative to nothing and everything as one. This is the place from which we communicate to you and the place from which you are asked to try out a new kind of toy, which is your mind free from the influence of fear on a global scale. If you like it, we’ll be happy to lend a hand with whatever kind of new reality you dream up in time for a soul party like you’ve never dreamed of before.

If You Only Knew


You have a good idea of what you want, and you are pretty sure of what you don’t want. Isn’t this true for the most part? If you are being the one you intended to be at your soul’s birthing of your seed as a human being, then you are able to discern within the complexity of a single moment between what you want and what you don’t want. Are there ambiguities? Of course, and you often find that the thing you never wanted turns out to be the greatest blessing you could have ever imagined. You hear stories like that all the time. You lose a job only to discover a new passion manifest into a new life’s work. You lose a childhood friend and then meet a group of like-minded sailors of life’s cosmic oceans. You get stuck in traffic and come to find out you missed being in a major accident. Blessings abound in the midst of tragedy, and it takes a keen observation of the target of your intention to ferret them out, sometimes. Don’t lose heart. Even in the dimmest, most poorly lit caverns of life in the world of war, there are surprising shards of light that can send demons careening for the door. If you only knew you were looking at them, what then would you see!

We have had our share of tragedy in the long history of our people, as well. Know that we have context for understanding your current world stage. You are the directors of your drama and we have only our experience and insight to offer. What you do in the time ahead, when you will be asked to make some pretty intense split-second decisions about what you want and what you don’t want, is your greatest opportunity to change your reality from the illusion of separation from divinity into the reality of divine reintegration of the soul of humanity and the greater Self that is your greater self. Great upheavals are ready to be pushed into the scene. Whether they are is only a matter of your own trail of decisions to reveal, you have that much ability to change the outcome of your dramatic future event horizons.

You have reached a point in the development of the timeline you have as a collective been following towards universal awakening and engagement where you have a lot of power within your present-time situations. You are able to approach any number of up-to-the-minute developments through the tweets and hums and bright ideas and cyber-communiques you have at your fingertips. You are also able to tune into the news as it happens by training your awareness to become more sensitive to the thoughts that come within the rush of mental chatter, thoughts which reveal your entrainment with the collective consciousness and with the consciousness of the planet herself. If you only knew how easy it can be to become aware of everything in your reality, you would be ready for the old reality to rearrange itself pretty quickly. As it is, the old reality is shifting quite fast. If you tune your internal antenna to the band that emanates from the heart of what is, to Nine, that which is in the midst of all as stillness in chaos, perfection in tragedy, home of the soul and origin of all life, you will pick up signals that will guide your scattered energies into the central node of light that is within every cell of your being. Is it tricky? Of course not. Is it dangerous? Not unless you don’t want to release what remnants of former life you have been gripping. It’s much easier to slide into the vibe of Nine with your hands empty, ready to receive, to navigate, to sense. You can only hold onto so much before you drop everything. Yet it is a thrill to reminisce. Do you think you’ll miss the old you, once the new you comes fully online, so to speak? Don’t give it a second thought. When you’re tuned into the all of everything, you can access your memories with crystalline clarity, from the perspective of soul integration, from the point of view of one in understanding of the love in the center of loss.

What do you really want to know about your future, people of Earth? You have many theories around the neural network of your blogosphere and the collective consciousness of human thought. What is it that you fear at this moment in time? Is it that you will destroy yourselves? You have been trying for a very long time, and as close as you have come it yet has not been terminal for you, nor will it be. Your intrinsic will to survive is too strong. Are you wary of the interference of forces and arch-villains which exist beyond the edge of your ability to interpolate the various sources of information available to you? Are you starting to feel overwhelmed by the talk of terrestrial and extraterrestrial narratives about your origins and fate? We have sympathy for you, our friends. It is not the first time you have been in a situation of learning about some long-withheld truths, but perhaps the first time your people have had the truth be so transformationally charged, as it is now. You are in the process of rare awareness-raising brought to you on the winds of change that emanate from the galactic center. You will not see only enough of the truth to keep you in a state of fear, as you have been. Real change is in the air, and as you fine-tune your senses toward Nine you will more readily see and sense the natural love that reveals itself to the heart that is open to Nine’s impulses. You are open to Nine when you are in communion with the divine source of creation, with the river of life, with the stillness at the center of all things. When you are there, you are in communion with the eternal Now, and it is from this point that all things are known.

Love it or leave it, Earth is your home for now. You have work to do. You are accomplishing more than you know just by coming into the still moment with your soul. You have already shed the structures of the matrix that support the structures which bind you yet. But even they are tottering on the edge of nonexistence. At this momentous time in your collective history, can you sense the immensity of what kind of change is coming?

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