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In the Meantime

We are here! Welcome to our new home in cyberspace. In the time that our voice has been silent, much has happened on the planet and in the experience of people everywhere. That is all in order — though it may have, on the outside, appeared to be quite chaotic — and here you are, on the other side of what really was a time of reality recalibration, perhaps feeling somewhat battered but truly no worse from the wear. In the long run, it will all appear to be hardly a bump in the road.

Can you think of anything you would rather be doing right now besides coming to the realization that you are, in fact, divine beings who carry the light of OM within? Is it such a stretch to consider that you might actually be on the brink of discovering that you are part of a greater family of humanity, that the veil that has for so long kept you from such knowledge is about to be split wide open? These are days of wonder indeed, and to ponder questions of this sort can lead to conclusions that themselves lead to greater questions. Do you have what it takes to stand on your own two feet in the presence of men of light? Can you pretend that such a meeting would have no effect on the shape of your reality? Are you prepared for your reality to change in ways your vision has yet to encompass? You may or you may not, but there is much to be said for asking questions like these, if not only to wake yourself up a little more.

In the times to come in your not-so-distant future, you may notice questions arising in your mind along these lines. The answers will arise, too, if you allow them to without getting in the way. Have no fear, what has the world in its grip of insanity is coming to an opening of sorts, in which there will be only one sure truth where before were lies and confusion. Have no fear. You do not stand alone.

Our task, at the moment, is simply to support the awakening of the human mind. In the weeks ahead, we will reveal the codes that can serve the immediate needs of those who are awakening to a greater reality of joy, peace, and good times. Already the lens of reality has shifted focus, and you may have a completely new viewpoint about hope, trust, justice, community, or some other splash of color in your world than you did when we took our brief respite just three months and a bit ago. You are not who you were then, as the whole of humanity has been affected by the unfolding of events unprecedented in history as you know it. Who you will be in the time ahead remains to be seen, but you can, at any rate, expect to see some changes on a similar scale, if not greater. Every day, every event, every response you encounter presents an opportunity to prepare your way so you can look back at this moment in time as when you chose to become a human of light. You choose with every word, you choose with every act, every thought, every breath, if you are aware.

We are with you, our brothers and sisters and kin. We wait for your world to resonate with a new understanding of self. Already the frequencies are finding a new harmonic and the day will not long  be before we stand before each other as members of a single human race, recognizing each other as family and celebrating the biggest holiday your world has ever known. It will not be long, dear ones. There’s no question about that.

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