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Know We Come, and Make Room for Us in Your Hearts

Since when do you think you are not sane to think we come? We have come before, and you did not think it so odd. Of course, there were times you thought we – meaning humans from other planets – were something like mighty gods, but that was a long time ago. You have learned a thing or two about yourselves since then, and it is safe to say you wouldn’t make the same mistake again. Nor would we, by reliving that stale old myth. We are simply humans. We sometimes need to remind you of your own divinity, but that is as far as we’ll go with that. Suffice it to say we are as you are, both human, with a spark of the divine.

That said, we continue. We are planning a visit to your planet, as we have mentioned before, and we thought it would be a good idea to review our plans with you, as much as we can without spoiling the surprise. We don’t want to do that, as it would ruin the fun. The know-to-alls need something up their sleeves, even if it’s only the joker and not the ace of hearts. We have that card in our hand, anyway. We have a few cards up our sleeves, too. Some interesting times are on the way, that’s for sure.

As to our visit: Don’t get too worked up about it. It’s not as if we’re going to create drastic change for you. You will create drastic change for yourselves, first. We’ll be there before the dust settles. Lest you think we refer to revolution, know we do not say it in such terms. The drastic change we’re talking about is more internal. You know, the kind where you confront the tyrant within your own heart and finally read him or her the riot act, tell it like it is, give notice that the times have changed and tyranny in all its forms is dead. The revolution is one of your hearts, dear ones, not of your blood. Spilling more of that won’t help you achieve balance, power, or peace. There is no reason to seek outside of yourselves for a solution, but within and among yourselves. The land mass of common ground is growing, and as we approach we see almost enough room to set down our craft. Only a few things are in the way. It’s all going to be fine, you know, so don’t worry about anything. Simply state your truth, recognizing as you do your innate divinity. Tyrants, begone with tyranny! Become beings anew! Remember your divinity and remind the inner tyrant of theirs, as well. In no time at all, you will see all around you reflections of your changed inner state.

If we can give you one piece of advice, it is this. Create a landing strip for us in your heart, and know we see it. Much is shifting in your reality, and the time is soon upon us all when reality will have taken on a new sheen. The big kingpin is unseated and with him, the petty tyrants fall into grace. Change is upon us all, given the choice. This is promising to be a season of celebration, friends! Make room in your hearts for joy, and sweep the cobwebs out.

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Don’t Wait to Say Goodbye

Are you having the kind of thoughts, sometimes, that remind you of matters unspoken, things not mentioned, feelings unexpressed? Where you feel the pull towards understanding what is unfolding around you that you had not quite grasped before? So are many others. The vibration of energy that is rippling from your planet is something to behold, dear ones, full of opalescent shimmer. The time of reconciliation has begun.

Remembering the situations of your life is one way to experience the open-hearted transformation of soul of man into soul of man arisen, the glimmer of dawn at the edge of hope where consciousness breaks upon its shores. Always hope lay just beyond the edge of consciousness, ever present in all of the unresolved experiences of your life. Hope lay at the core of your being when you encounter the potential for healing and wholeness, and it lay beyond the rim of what you can conceive. Hope is everywhere present, yet typically silent. Such is its nature. You are aware of its potential only after you have understood the healing breaking hope’s silence brings. As soon as you respond to the remembrance of what has not yet become, to hope’s heartbeat, you begin a transformation that can be called the beginning of the end of the human race as you know it. It’s a good time to say goodbye. You are fast approaching the time of transformation, and the you you have always known, and often loved, will be the you you have always dreamed you could be, but seldom hoped would.

Change is in the air and your thoughts are modulating moment by moment what is becoming next. Collectively, you are modulating even as individually you are. Every response toward the peace of reconciliation and the bliss of integration is a further refinement of pitch and harmonic resonance. Being in such a sea of frequency will bring you many opportunities for tying up loose ends and re-weaving the fabric of relationships, dreams, and past injustices. Be resolute, dear ones, and speak from your heart what washes up on the shores of your awareness from the ocean of hope’s love.

Allow hope to come alive and stir the memories of yet-unspoken words you always wanted to hear reverberate within you. Feel the quickening as realization dawns and ignorance dissolves into the dust of shadow’s substance. Say goodbye to who you were and welcome your self home into wholeness. Relax into transformation. A hard-to-understand problem is easily resolved, usually with only a few words. Rim of hope approaches, and it won’t be long before you touch the stuff of hope with your own hands. How very easy it is to say thank you, I’m sorry, or now I understand. How liberating to say goodbye to what you thought would never change. It has a way of making your planet sparkle, you know, when so many are finding the right harmonic together.

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More in Raising than in Losing

We have had some consistency in our messages on the point of letting go of what you don’t need so you can move on with less drag. In the past year, we have mentioned the concept in many ways. It is still a good idea to let go of that which was given to you by anyone else and focus on a new concept: The time is fast approaching when you will not have the luxury of spending much time consciously letting go of this and that, and you will instead be aware of your enhanced ability to transform what remains as ballast to the radiant kind of stuff light is made of. It’s showtime, folks!

Human consciousness has just about reached saturation point as far as the nonsense that has been paraded around in front of you. Are you going to have a say in what is recognized as truth? The alternative is to remain mute as events unfold before the eyes of the ones among you who still hold onto fear, and the voice of terror drowns out the murmurings of peace. You have had quite enough of that already. It is time for love and reason to prevail. Soon we come.

It will be as brothers we come, not as conquerors, superiors, deities or disease-bearing intergalactic mutants. When you look in the mirror and see the reflection of one who sees into the soul and discerns divinity there, one who sees divinity in his or her own soul, when just a few more who sleep awaken at last to humanity’s incessant clamoring to be free and happy and at peace, then, beloved family of light, we come. Before you know it, really. And then you might find the whole “releasing fear” thing itself to be a bit burdensome. And so we suggest working on transforming whatever fear remains into nothing more than tiny energetic packets of light information, which can be disassembled and rearranged and understood within a framework of matter resonant with life, not death, with life, not illusion. Life, beyond anything you have understood it to be for ever. That’s where we’re coming from.

How best to transform ballast into light is each person’s personal quest, right now. Some are choosing to continue on the rut-filled road they have blindly followed for lifetimes, some are resisting the inevitable tipping of the scales, some are still fighting it with all their mettle. Be of no concern for those who choose what seems a dead-end street. All is not what it seems. Rather than attending to fear’s sideshow, if you shift your loving awareness to the whole of humanity’s awakening, these sleeping proud few will be better served. When the wringing of the hands is over, the clapping of the hands will begin. It is quite a show we have planned for opening night.

The doubt will give way to celebration soon enough, dear ones. It is a day we anticipate with much joy, for it will herald a bright new awareness in humans everywhere. Round and round will soon be on the straight arrow toward home. In the interim, release what you can of fear’s weighty baggage, let go of the thoughts that keep you going around in circles, and transform the rest into thoughts that aim your heart and mind to the peace of OM, sweet OM. Bidding you a sweet adieu, we remain, Pleiadian Renegades.

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How are you doing, dear ones, in the acceleration of energies at this point in time? Are you ready for more? Don’t worry, it will only be unpleasant for those who cannot let go of their fear. What is brewing is a relatively minor ramp-up in awareness, and to become more aware while looking through the lens of fear can be upsetting to those who let fear shape their beliefs. We suggest letting go of fear altogether, looking it eyeball to eyeball and seeing how little substance it really has. In the bigger picture, it is, after all, merely a belief in under-the-table whispers and the perception of your own weakness of understanding. To decide to be strong, to choose to hear the pulse of your own heartbeat leading you ever towards life – that is what stops fear dead in its tracks. In keeping with our style, we will tell a little story to illustrate our point.

Once there was a knight fair and brave who feared nothing at all, it was said. He had met grave foes of terrible form and defeated them with a single blow of his sword. He had met with powerful kings and awe-inspiring queens and left their company bearing their respect, if not some laurels and a few noble titles as well. Even the most popularly feared wizard could not pierce the armor of his self-confident belief in his proud and noble character. Nothing could make him shudder with fear, it seemed. Nothing, that is, until he came face to face with a dragon of so brilliant a flame that he stood transfixed, suddenly aware of a reality that none of his former exploits had prepared him for.

His trusty sword fell from limp fingers. His horse reared and ran off, leaving him alone and weaponless in the presence of the this awful dragon. Fear – an unfamiliar sensation – gripped his belly and dropped him to his knees. The dragon had no regard for the knight’s array of noble titles, for his treasure or his reputation. The dragon had less regard for his carefully constructed suit of armor or for his helmet with the markings of power and protection. The dragon of fiercely brilliant flame saw the knight as he truly was: naked, alone, and without understanding of what he saw before him.

Now, at this point in our story, we come to a choice. We could continue in one of many ways. The dragon could burn him to cinders. The knight could come to his senses, pick up his sword and run the dragon through. An army of gnomes could appear from the forest and wrestle the knight into a net of enchanted design. However, none of these suit our purposes, so we proceed in this manner:

Sitting back on his haunches and regarding the quivering knight, the dragon pulled out from his pouch a mirror. Patiently, he held it up before the knight and waited. The knight sweated, sure oblivion was his doom, unaware that in fact he sat at the threshold of transformation. What more could he prove of his noble and courageous heart otherwise? He had come to the point of losing his mind to fear when he summoned the last of his sanity and raised his eyes to see what this terrible dragon had to show him.

His eyes met the eyes of the man in the mirror. He shuddered at their brilliance reflected in the dragon’s looking-glass. His helmet served no purpose, so he took it from his head. There, cast in light more brilliant than a thousand suns, the dragon showed him what all his travels and trials could not. There, looking back at him, was a man he thought familiar and yet somehow alien. Who was he? Was this dragon a demon, showing him spectres of evil intent? No, his heart would not withstand that to be true. Was he instead some sort of angel whose un-earthly radiance burned up his fear and left him, purified, in grace recognizing himself as a reflection of light beautiful and serene? This was much more to his liking, and, his heart told him, much closer to the truth.

As he gazed into the crystalline orb, the light of his reflection emanated from its depths, emanated from his own image therein and took form before him. Slowly the nobleman rose to his feet in full recognition of his own reflected light. He reached out tentatively to touch this apparition of light, and as his fingertips met those of his light-body’s, an extraordinary thing began to occur – a melding of the two aspects of him, form and light, into one new man. Every cell of his body thrilled at the sensation, as what he had known as himself was engulfed in radiance of Self, recognized. Armor plating melted into nothingness, his body pulsed with new life, and everything around him took on a crystalline hue of opalescent light.

The dragon observed the knight’s transformation with a quiet bemusement. No longer did the knight have the undercurrent of fear in him. The orb, his magic mirror into the soul, had done its work handily. He put it back in his pouch, cloaked until his next encounter with a human prepared to become transfigured by its simple play of light-bending truth. Simple, for there really was nothing magic about it at all. Sacred, yes, but not enchanted. Sacred because it showed each human his own light. Sacred, and his to guard, to reveal to men and women pure in their intent to become fully awake to their true Self, until at last it could be revealed to all.

In the brilliance of recognition of the self in all, of meeting your own form in the form of radiant, brilliant, opalescent light, fear cannot maintain its frequency. The light of recognition in the sacred chalice of the heart blasts fear to pieces, and belief built on the foundation of fear comes crashing down. Step out of the way of fear-based beliefs and you will not need a protective helmet. Step into the light of recognition and let go of the armor you have pieced together over lifetimes in the dark. The dragon, fiercely brilliant, holds the code to your unveiling. If you are ready to see in your reflection a light that transfigures fear, raise your eyes. We await.

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