Hope Fulfilled

In the moment in which you forgive yourself for being human, you become more fully human, and more divine.

Some days, you find yourself thinking, “What if…?” Going over in your mind what could have been if only you had paid more attention to your experience at crucial points of possibility is one sure way to become more aware in your present-moment experience. Such days, you ask yourself if you can forgive yourself for not taking opportunities to connect with love and understand it better, through experiencing it. Remembering those moments of lost love is to bring them alive again. It grants access to power to transform your reality utterly, from one of regret to one of hope fulfilled. We greet you from aboard the lightships which hover just beyond the edge of perception, and we invite you to enter into those places of such power with the thought that you are ready to be through with who you have always thought yourselves to be, that you are ready to become transformed into a new being of light, of love, of understanding. Thus will you remove a veil which prevents you from seeing your true divine Self, the light of consciousness. You must be able to see into the dark with eyes of love and, without a thought of self-condemnation, to find yourself there in the dark, becoming aware of the light. Hope, you will find there. Hope fulfilled, you will create. In this way, your transformation is effected.

How do you create such a state of change in a minefield of regret? With small steps, of course, but realize that the mines explode only with awareness, and they act with a domino effect. Entering into awareness at a memory-point of lost opportunity infuses awareness into your total being, if you allow yourself that experience. With your fundamental awareness of yourself thus awakened, you may find that the question of what-if becomes irrelevant at the moment of forgiveness. If you can consider that you have become aware of your own understanding of love only by experiencing awareness of what it never seemed to touch, then you will know forgiveness, for love is indeed there, unmasked. Awareness of the pain of separation turns into awareness of the joy of finding love where you thought you had lost hope. In that moment, it is possible to connect with a greater understanding of love and stretch out the edges of perception to encompass a greater field of awareness.

Perhaps you have a memory of being unable to find resolution with another being about unmet needs. Allow your awareness to open into that memory and unlock for you now what you could not have understood then. You are more than you were, with more experience of love. Take the opportunity remembrance affords, though it may call forth feelings of pain. Pain takes your awareness and focuses it on a specific target. Usually, that target is, at its essence, nothing more or less than lost opportunity to have had an experience of love. Seeing that moment now with eyes wiser in love, allow the opportunity to be resolved, the hope fulfilled. See yourself as beloved and know that you are. You are. In every moment, even the painful ones, you are beloved. Know that what you have experienced is the divine essence of self, the connection to the Source of All That Is. In the moment in which you forgive yourself for being human, you become more fully human, and more divine. You are a creation in progress, approaching divinity. You are about to get a better idea of what that means.

We remind you of these things because reality is about to change quite dramatically for you. At the moment of recollection, you have a perfect opportunity to come into a greater understanding of who you are, who you have been, and who you are becoming. It is a good time to put old regrets to sleep and meet hope with new eyes. When you do, we will be perception’s reward, but your own transformation in light will be treasure rediscovered. Hope is waiting for you in the shadows. Meet it with love.

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  1. Personally I prefered the other board to read from, this is a white-out board that makes me squint.

    And its nearly time, for this and that, almost there children, not long now, Just round the next corner, over the next hill, manyana, manyana, etc, is waring thin.
    I am bored out of my skull with this shit in action on planet death. And show the genocidal maniacs who have lost their minds souls and selves, the love they need, is bollox. What do you do with men and women who plan 100 years in advance to murder untold millions, in the most horrendus imaginable way, like the Vatican-Man-Bitches who gave the surviving Native American Indian women and children (after slaughtering most of the men) Rotten Food and blankets soaked in small-pocks to kill the rest of them off as the Indians starved and froze on the open plains of North America. (reported 100 million Deaths)
    And the Planned Genocide continues to Unfold in Canada even today as the Vatican agenda continues to destroy lives of the Natives through its carefully planned Silent-Wars.
    Merely a fragment of Vatican War upon the innocent & uknowing peoples of earth.
    And the Chemtrails poisoning of erth and all her creatures is ongoing daily to stop the growth of the crops, to start a food war in the next couple of years, along with the toxic Baruim, Aliminum, and Strontium chemicals the Pilots don’t give a shit, they keep taking the orders and caring them out for their shitty medals of death from the shit-lickers of hell whom they serve. Fuck-that.
    No you are in for a rude awakening, give me the helm of a star-ship, and i would bring peace in one-day. Easy, take out those pilots, sink the war ships and subs, destroy the satelites, the Vaccine companies, the rotten Banksters the Masonic POLIZI filth, (they have that name for good reason)

    They only care about money that is their idoletry. Destroy the Vatican, Washington DC, the NSA CIA MI5 MI6 Stazi, the Kremlin Bejing Windsor Castle the City Of London in London, you get the picture, then their system will fail on mass.
    There is no justice on earth it is fake its all about money. The Mass murderers sit in judgement of a murderer of one, in piety. Institutionalism is manifest through-out, the BBC is rotten to the sub-atomic level as it pukes its filthy brainwashing.

    I mean do you get the picture?
    There is only the ‘belief’ in hope, which is classicle Vatican-Man-Bitch strategy to disempower the sheeple. Hope is bollox. Knowing is all that counts, and i know through experience this is correct.

    Further the Psycotronic weaponry in use is a major issue perhaps you could use your technology to shut that shit down, and vaporise the Chemtrail Jets as they couldn’t care less what harm they cause.

    Are you seeing all this? do you see? can you feel?

    A little help is worth a billion trillion words.

    Nothing Personal, just reality mirrored from an alternative angle.

    • I understand what you are saying, because it is almost what I felt a few years ago. So I will answer to myself as I was in this past timeline hoping it will touch a fragment of me in you, the same way you touched a part of you in me with your comment : ).
      If you have a personal experience of love in your own circumstances(not talking about worldwide insanity, concentration camps, auswitz yet) of a specific issue that seemed impossible to solve and find a resolution where you have been bumping your head against the wall in your present lifetime or for generations in your karmic history, hope will birth in issues concerning your close relatives, your state, country and eventually world.
      Every mystic or historical figure who made a change in history(Gandhi, Siddharta, ….) will tell you the same story, it all starts with a dramatic shift, illumination in the core of your being which spreads in the infinity of causal worlds……*Siddharta felt the same despair you are talking about when he opened the four gates of awareness, you know what happened afterwards…* Hope will take its roots in the deep understanding of how love may shatter your illusions, solve your nightmares and change your life, alter you environment and won’t be a religious opium of the people…..

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