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What If You Found What You Are Looking For?

Thousands of pairs of eyes scan the skies for a hint of a glint of light, an object or an orb, something — anything — that will signal the end of doubt and skepticism forever on the question of our existence. You have taken pictures and videos, made documentaries and exposes, you have created an entire culture built upon the idea that the time is coming for the world to finally acknowledge that you aren’t actually the only ones in the universe, that you aren’t alone, and that you have to wake up as a people and a planet if there is to be any hope of entering into a new reality relatively unscathed. The more aware you become, the more information you have to use to build understanding and eliminate fear. You who have received the message about your own divinity are the ones who can guide others on the path of promise that Nine is. It is up to you to reach to the stars; we are here and we are responding to your heartfelt offers of friendship. We are brothers and sisters to you, and in love we say, it is not long now before you see that for yourselves. By “not long”, we are speaking of cycles of weeks rather than moons. As you come together in accord, you heighten your ability to see what has before been hidden. As you find your innate divine spark, and as you find light in the shadowy corners of your soul, you see in the form of opalescent truth what before you saw as invisible illusion. With this increase in perception, you may just see what before you had only hoped was true, taken on faith and a few blurry images. We ask, because the time has come for asking: What will you do when you see for yourselves what had been hidden behind a veil of misinformation, in the very near future? It will be before you know it that you will have to answer this question anyway, so we ask in preparation so you have a moment to ponder. Really, what do you think you’ll do? Freaking out aside, of course.

You are tired of hearing about it, we know. We have seen how you fixate on specifics, though, and we want to avoid any misdirection of energy. Soon is in relative terms because “August 15”, for example, would perhaps be distracting. You have enough to think of. If we said “October 23”, you would be likewise at a temporal focal point rather than freely flowing with unfolding events. So we stick with “soon”, and let you work out some layers of frustration and fear and whatever else that word conjures up for you. It will all be to your benefit, if you keep your mind on your path of perfection rather than seeking to downplay the role of integration of lesser frequencies with higher tones of OM. When we do show up on your doorstep, please remember that we did mention this, that the love you bring to your awareness in the form of having allowed reality to rearrange itself despite your personal misgivings, divisive tendencies and malicious ingratitude for opportunity after opportunity to overcome them is the great secret to why we do what we do the way we do. As you are fond of saying, it is the journey, not the destination, that makes the trip worthwhile.

So what if you saw a lightship? What if you saw an angel? What if you saw enemies make peace, soldiers put down their weapons, and treacherous villains morph into beings of light? What if you experienced the end of a lifelong struggle with a family member, with addiction, with hopelessness or despair? Can you see yourself in that situation, looking at your life forever changed because something in your reality has suddenly ceased to be, or some secret longing has taken form in front of you? Can you make that switch from here to there in your thinking, can you feel what it would feel like to be free of every limitation your beliefs had impinged upon your reality with? It would be worth considering, perhaps, not so much because you don’t want to be caught unprepared as because in doing so you create a thread of energy to which reality can entrain. These are bold actions, these thoughts, and they can result in bold realities coming into view. Consider what you want to experience for yourself, and see if anything changes. If you put your mind to it, and your heart, you can get the hang of it pretty quickly. Honestly, how would your reality change if you had no fear about having “the conversation” you’ve been putting off? What would your life be like if you had no need for your addictions? Can you imagine that? Just sit with it for a minute and let the fear seep out of the whole scenario, then sit with it for a moment more. Just in that moment, a new reality has begun to come into view. It could be just what you are looking for.

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Focus and You Will See

For a long time now, you’ve heard us say soon, soon will you see us, soon you will be on your way home. You understand time is relative, but you may be scratching your heads wondering what it’s relative to. That thought alone can spin off a hundred different discussions, but we would have you focus on one particular point. If time is relative, and space is a matter of much debate, then perhaps it is your consciousness which makes the point of time relevant to anything at all. If your awareness of time’s passage is all that stands between you and timelessness, it follows that your awareness of the inconceivability of time’s cessation is merely a matter of becoming aware of the interval between one moment and another. You do this all the time in states of meditation and psychoactive stimulation, some of you. It is a natural state of the human being. When you’re being human–that is, limited by the constraints of your 3-D existence–your senses cannot pick up the finer vibrations that the net of time filters out from your experience. On the contrary, when you are a human being–existing in the fullness of your nature unencumbered by the artificiality of a matrix of subjectivity–then you can access the finer states of being, and become fully aware of the depth of reality. Beyond your atmosphere lay a vastness of experience invisible to most people in the hustle of making a living and getting by. Pause a moment with us and let your senses relax into sharper focus. There is a world of discovery waiting for you, and we are part of it.

Lately, you may have become distracted from the blossoming of a new reality. It’s right under your nose, but you have to filter out a cacophony of stimulus to sense it. Detaching is not so easy for those addicted to the glare of the light shaped by the supposed keepers of Truth and What’s Very Important. It is something of a trick for even those who consider themselves to be above the hum of mass culture to let their attention be totally free, except for brief interludes of bliss. Yet the new reality is quite present. It can even become palpable, and soon it will. What say you to the adventure of a lifetime? How do you get there? Let’s first consider your brain.

Your head is the central point of awareness for the interpretive experience of the holographic reality of which your form plays a part. Inside your head is a mass of circuitry bathed in a conscious-making bowl of chemical soup. Communication between the circuits, the soup, and awareness is governed by the neural pathways embedded as impressions of experience, which with repeated traffic are made into the structural basis of what you term “belief”. Now, there are various ways for reconstructing these neural pathways, most of which are carefully secreted from general knowledge and consumption. However, there need be no intervention at all if, for a moment, you can disengage your awareness from what’s going on around you and focus on the architecture of belief. Oh, it is not such a labor as you might think, and the atmosphere of reality is thinning to the point of making such escapades more reliably invariably available to anyone.

So here is a door. It opens when you close your eyes. You enter it when you breathe. You feel its confines as your breath expands within you. It is a room of memory in the house of pain, and you are going to collapse it into nothingness with the mere thought, I AM. See the dust fly as your brain’s interior designers get to work, with your permission and your full trust, to dismantle what once you thought was a necessary component to the activity of awareness. You come fully equipped with the staff and protocols necessary for your experience of being human to be perfected. As you enter into a field of vibration akin to timeless being, you will find that, if you relax into the experience, awareness is all around you, seeping into your pores and extending the reach of your senses into infinity. You need nothing external. For some, the application of natural substances can be a heartening experience as strangeness reflects the brokenness of the traumatized human psyche and sensibility is regained according to ancient entheogenic codes and shamanic vibratory encapsulations. There are tools for healing, yet you are of a design that incorporates everything necessary for repair and regeneration of your body, mind, and heart. Awareness unlocks the toolbox. Relax and you will find that key resting in the palm of your hand. It has been within you all the time. Know this to be true.

With practice, you can completely free yourself from the anchors you’ve dragged around behind you, perhaps not even aware they were shackled to your ankle. And these days, the slightest effort, mindfully applied, can yield astounding results. Within and around each thought that flits through your usually distracted head are keyholes for awareness. Yet do you dare look? Even the most frightening possibilities are dissolvable, with care and diligence. Know you are not alone, and can exponentially redouble your efforts by becoming aware of others on the planet who are themselves aware of the power of dissolution. Let the structures of pain fall away. Crawl out from the rubble and shake off the dust. Know that humanity is doing this even now, becoming more aware of itself as a conscious entity headed for awakening. It is up to you to dismantle the structure of fear and doom that yet pervades the corners of the mass consciousness–not with a bang, nor a whimper, but with the simple act of becoming aware. It is all right, you know, to be. Understanding is but a breath away.

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For Everything, First There Is a Starting Point

July has already been an active month for many people who have been busy changing their lives in drastic and dramatic ways. If you find you are among them, count yourself in good company, for the energies that have played with your heartstrings these past couple of weeks are nowhere near dying out soon. If anything, you may expect to see some rise in the energetic intensity in all spheres of activity on your planet. This is getting exciting, folks, as the moment heats up and the truth starts sizzling on the pavement. You are on the cusp of a new understanding of reality and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it from totally changing the consciousness of your species planet-wide. This is how things appear to us.

Several things show up on our radar screen, in fact. One of them is your propensity for taking the initiative in your own transformation. In the long view, such choosing makes the coming decisions much easier to conform to a pleasant reality shift than otherwise. For example, there are one or two matters that are opening for discussion in a serious way. Extraterrestrial visitation is on the table and it’s not going away. Every so often, there comes someone a-calling from a faraway address, such as we. It would be easy to dismiss were it not true, but it eats at the edges of the news and encroaches on your everyday reality. Just take a look at what people are posting on the Internet. You don’t have to look far to see possibility coming into view. Not only is the truth out there, it’s coming closer. Another sizzle hits the sidewalk. And another, and another.

So-called marauders may become focal points of interest. It won’t be long until the truth of all truth is known, and now is as good a time as any to start looking at lies and deception with an eye to transforming them into the truth. You have to start somewhere. Look around. The truth lay around in great shards like a giant glass jigsaw puzzle. Pieces will fit without injury if handled with care. With love. In fact, the effect is quite lovely, once the pieces begin to align in such a way that light bends in angles of perception hitherto seen merely as an edge. It is your own understanding you can see refracted there, and the insight that such perception affords. It is the beginning of opalescence.

Giving one’s trust to the process of making reality whole is nothing to be defeatist about, either. You are each having completely different experiences, although you may discover some overlap of your reality and another’s, or layers of holographic resonance. This is to be expected, as timelines converge into the singularity at the point where the various 2012s of your realms of possibility are all in one tight little bundle of simultaneity. Each experience makes an important contribution to the entirety of I AM having a good idea of what existence in a world within a galaxy within a universe of duality is like. Everything is part of All That Is. There is no wrong experience, other than to make it become wrong in your reality through believing it to be. Thus it shall be, but just as easily as that you can flip the switch from some perceived point of aha! and make what had perhaps been nagging your mind as a dire mistake into a beneficial detour to discover some hidden sweetness about the Truth.

In time, you will know truth in its fullness, and yourselves as soul embodied, as human, divine. The best way to arrive in one piece is to start looking at what needs to be put back together. There is much brokenness around you and greater possibility than you can imagine in the offing. We are in awe of what you have already done, in terms of your transformation. Wait until you get a load of what’s coming next. First, though, pull yourselves together.

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A Short Story for Passing the Time: Tasks in Knowing Wonder

We would like to share with you the story of a Pleiadian hero, called The One Who Found the Key. The hero is called ANDY, and we join his adventure as he sets out to find something wonderful, a treasure of knowledge that lay at the feet of a sacred shrine relic, a statue of the god INCONCEIVABLE. No one had ever found the statue because, quite simply, no one was quite sure what they should expect it to look like. There were vague ideas and approximations, legends and sketches and blurry pictures, but no real first-hand knowledge of how, exactly, to find it. Let us enter the narrative at this point.

Andy was walking along a particularly lonely and desolate stretch of road when suddenly he caught in the corner of his eye a flash of light. Stopped in his tracks, he scanned his body with awareness to locate any visceral response which would tell him the nature of what his visual sense had seen. He picked up the impression of a process of joy building up in his stomach and took note. Continuing on, he soon saw, again out of the corner of his eye, a flash of light. Now he rubbed his eyes, stopped and scanned both himself and his surroundings with his awareness. Noting both joy and now knotted in his throat some excitement, he stood, silent, aware. As he sensed with increasing fineness the field of reality around him, he let himself settle into the stillness. What now? A shimmer in the distance, wavy light moving ever so slightly against the otherwise solid, stable rock. He turned from his path and set off in the direction of what he saw, hoping it was not a mirage.

Time after time this happened, each time taking him further along his journey of discovery. Each time some shimmer would lead him deeper into the wilderness. In this way, he followed the path of his heart toward the sacred statue of the inconceivable.

After a time, knowing he was close to his goal, he noted in his awareness scans that a certain weariness had settled in his bones. He still wanted to find the treasure, and he knew he was nearly there, but he also realized he wanted to go home. His search for the divine inconceivable had focused his mind and senses on discovering sacred treasure. Yet it also changed his concept of home. Where he was, he could not return to the home he had known before his spirit had been kindled by the sacred quest. Once he found it, and the treasure of Great Cosmic Knowledge, what would “home” mean? What would he do with himself when with his own two eyes and his finely honed awareness he stood in the presence of… whatever he would finally discover? Would he perish? Would he be forever changed? Let us follow Andy’s tale just a bit longer, and we shall see.

Finally, the day came. It was to be a day of transformation, but he did not yet know it. Andy set out again on his journey, assessing his inner state and finding it joyful, excited, and weary. A shimmering light appeared, this in the far distance yet somehow not so far as others had appeared. As he approached, rather than slipping into the background of reality, the shimmer became more solid-looking. The nearer he approached, sensing his path with his heart so that his head could be prepared for what he might find, the shimmer took on an opalescent wholeness, and the form of the divine inconceivable began to reveal itself to him. Oh, what treasure would he find at its foot? Reminding himself to breathe, he crept onward, ever scanning with his awareness lest he miss some clue of understanding what, exactly, happens when one stands toe to toe with what cannot by the mind alone be created.

At last, he was at the rim of an opalescent light source. In front of it on the ground was a sign: “To access the treasure of great cosmic knowledge, get up and look before you. There shall you find what you seek, pilgrim. Prepare to be transformed.” Standing from where he knelt, vibrating with anticipation, excitement and joy, he focused his senses into the heart of the orb of light. At first he saw only his reflection. Then other forms began to emerge from the opalescence. Was this some trick of the light, he wondered? Staying as centered as he could, he kept watching. All of reality shifted around him and he found his heart was the only solid ground, so he gathered himself there. Light-forms became light-beings, and at that superluminal threshold he felt that he, himself, was shifting from solidity into a phased pulsation of energy, yet still he had form. Soon, the opalescent light of the orb of the inconceivable was everywhere, all he saw and knew and sensed was drenched in it. Everything was transformed. The great cosmic knowledge, free from where it waited to share itself, had forever transformed everything. Light glowed in the once-dark valleys, and from the point where he stood Andy could see opalescent forms emerging from orbs of opalescent light far and wide, spreading all over the land.

Here ends our narrative for the day. What comes next has not yet been written. It is only now beginning to be sensed, and yet with that a transformation is already beginning to occur. Stay aware, dear hearts. What follows will be worth the wait. Meanwhile, keep your eyes to the skies, and see the divine inconceivable everywhere you look.

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