For Everything, First There Is a Starting Point

July has already been an active month for many people who have been busy changing their lives in drastic and dramatic ways. If you find you are among them, count yourself in good company, for the energies that have played with your heartstrings these past couple of weeks are nowhere near dying out soon. If anything, you may expect to see some rise in the energetic intensity in all spheres of activity on your planet. This is getting exciting, folks, as the moment heats up and the truth starts sizzling on the pavement. You are on the cusp of a new understanding of reality and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it from totally changing the consciousness of your species planet-wide. This is how things appear to us.

Several things show up on our radar screen, in fact. One of them is your propensity for taking the initiative in your own transformation. In the long view, such choosing makes the coming decisions much easier to conform to a pleasant reality shift than otherwise. For example, there are one or two matters that are opening for discussion in a serious way. Extraterrestrial visitation is on the table and it’s not going away. Every so often, there comes someone a-calling from a faraway address, such as we. It would be easy to dismiss were it not true, but it eats at the edges of the news and encroaches on your everyday reality. Just take a look at what people are posting on the Internet. You don’t have to look far to see possibility coming into view. Not only is the truth out there, it’s coming closer. Another sizzle hits the sidewalk. And another, and another.

So-called marauders may become focal points of interest. It won’t be long until the truth of all truth is known, and now is as good a time as any to start looking at lies and deception with an eye to transforming them into the truth. You have to start somewhere. Look around. The truth lay around in great shards like a giant glass jigsaw puzzle. Pieces will fit without injury if handled with care. With love. In fact, the effect is quite lovely, once the pieces begin to align in such a way that light bends in angles of perception hitherto seen merely as an edge. It is your own understanding you can see refracted there, and the insight that such perception affords. It is the beginning of opalescence.

Giving one’s trust to the process of making reality whole is nothing to be defeatist about, either. You are each having completely different experiences, although you may discover some overlap of your reality and another’s, or layers of holographic resonance. This is to be expected, as timelines converge into the singularity at the point where the various 2012s of your realms of possibility are all in one tight little bundle of simultaneity. Each experience makes an important contribution to the entirety of I AM having a good idea of what existence in a world within a galaxy within a universe of duality is like. Everything is part of All That Is. There is no wrong experience, other than to make it become wrong in your reality through believing it to be. Thus it shall be, but just as easily as that you can flip the switch from some perceived point of aha! and make what had perhaps been nagging your mind as a dire mistake into a beneficial detour to discover some hidden sweetness about the Truth.

In time, you will know truth in its fullness, and yourselves as soul embodied, as human, divine. The best way to arrive in one piece is to start looking at what needs to be put back together. There is much brokenness around you and greater possibility than you can imagine in the offing. We are in awe of what you have already done, in terms of your transformation. Wait until you get a load of what’s coming next. First, though, pull yourselves together.

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  1. “as timelines converge into the singularity at the point where the various 2012s of your realms of possibility are all in one tight little bundle of simultaneity.”

    What a remarkable, beautiful, fluid description of our current position and situation!

    Warm Regards,

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