Focus and You Will See

For a long time now, you’ve heard us say soon, soon will you see us, soon you will be on your way home. You understand time is relative, but you may be scratching your heads wondering what it’s relative to. That thought alone can spin off a hundred different discussions, but we would have you focus on one particular point. If time is relative, and space is a matter of much debate, then perhaps it is your consciousness which makes the point of time relevant to anything at all. If your awareness of time’s passage is all that stands between you and timelessness, it follows that your awareness of the inconceivability of time’s cessation is merely a matter of becoming aware of the interval between one moment and another. You do this all the time in states of meditation and psychoactive stimulation, some of you. It is a natural state of the human being. When you’re being human–that is, limited by the constraints of your 3-D existence–your senses cannot pick up the finer vibrations that the net of time filters out from your experience. On the contrary, when you are a human being–existing in the fullness of your nature unencumbered by the artificiality of a matrix of subjectivity–then you can access the finer states of being, and become fully aware of the depth of reality. Beyond your atmosphere lay a vastness of experience invisible to most people in the hustle of making a living and getting by. Pause a moment with us and let your senses relax into sharper focus. There is a world of discovery waiting for you, and we are part of it.

Lately, you may have become distracted from the blossoming of a new reality. It’s right under your nose, but you have to filter out a cacophony of stimulus to sense it. Detaching is not so easy for those addicted to the glare of the light shaped by the supposed keepers of Truth and What’s Very Important. It is something of a trick for even those who consider themselves to be above the hum of mass culture to let their attention be totally free, except for brief interludes of bliss. Yet the new reality is quite present. It can even become palpable, and soon it will. What say you to the adventure of a lifetime? How do you get there? Let’s first consider your brain.

Your head is the central point of awareness for the interpretive experience of the holographic reality of which your form plays a part. Inside your head is a mass of circuitry bathed in a conscious-making bowl of chemical soup. Communication between the circuits, the soup, and awareness is governed by the neural pathways embedded as impressions of experience, which with repeated traffic are made into the structural basis of what you term “belief”. Now, there are various ways for reconstructing these neural pathways, most of which are carefully secreted from general knowledge and consumption. However, there need be no intervention at all if, for a moment, you can disengage your awareness from what’s going on around you and focus on the architecture of belief. Oh, it is not such a labor as you might think, and the atmosphere of reality is thinning to the point of making such escapades more reliably invariably available to anyone.

So here is a door. It opens when you close your eyes. You enter it when you breathe. You feel its confines as your breath expands within you. It is a room of memory in the house of pain, and you are going to collapse it into nothingness with the mere thought, I AM. See the dust fly as your brain’s interior designers get to work, with your permission and your full trust, to dismantle what once you thought was a necessary component to the activity of awareness. You come fully equipped with the staff and protocols necessary for your experience of being human to be perfected. As you enter into a field of vibration akin to timeless being, you will find that, if you relax into the experience, awareness is all around you, seeping into your pores and extending the reach of your senses into infinity. You need nothing external. For some, the application of natural substances can be a heartening experience as strangeness reflects the brokenness of the traumatized human psyche and sensibility is regained according to ancient entheogenic codes and shamanic vibratory encapsulations. There are tools for healing, yet you are of a design that incorporates everything necessary for repair and regeneration of your body, mind, and heart. Awareness unlocks the toolbox. Relax and you will find that key resting in the palm of your hand. It has been within you all the time. Know this to be true.

With practice, you can completely free yourself from the anchors you’ve dragged around behind you, perhaps not even aware they were shackled to your ankle. And these days, the slightest effort, mindfully applied, can yield astounding results. Within and around each thought that flits through your usually distracted head are keyholes for awareness. Yet do you dare look? Even the most frightening possibilities are dissolvable, with care and diligence. Know you are not alone, and can exponentially redouble your efforts by becoming aware of others on the planet who are themselves aware of the power of dissolution. Let the structures of pain fall away. Crawl out from the rubble and shake off the dust. Know that humanity is doing this even now, becoming more aware of itself as a conscious entity headed for awakening. It is up to you to dismantle the structure of fear and doom that yet pervades the corners of the mass consciousness–not with a bang, nor a whimper, but with the simple act of becoming aware. It is all right, you know, to be. Understanding is but a breath away.

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  1. I have…finally learned, ‘I hope,’ and have a much better understanding of myself, from these messages and their effect of drawing upon me to read and re-read them into discovering their many meanings.

    Looking at where I was, and what I know at this point, I have traveled rapidly at times, being un-awares of this movement taking place within, as you so accurately discribe in previous messages, believing nothing was happening and everything was hopless, when in fact, almost everything has changed, including me.

    you peeps are some of the best material on the web, imo.

    Thanks very much for the messages and your light energy, in helping me to see what I didn’t before realise about everything in me:)

  2. opalescentwords

    I’m happy, so happy, to have these words from you! This stuff takes some work to get into (and to wrap up, believe me!), I’m glad you find it rewarding, deeply so.
    Love and cheer on your way,

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