What If You Found What You Are Looking For?

Thousands of pairs of eyes scan the skies for a hint of a glint of light, an object or an orb, something — anything — that will signal the end of doubt and skepticism forever on the question of our existence. You have taken pictures and videos, made documentaries and exposes, you have created an entire culture built upon the idea that the time is coming for the world to finally acknowledge that you aren’t actually the only ones in the universe, that you aren’t alone, and that you have to wake up as a people and a planet if there is to be any hope of entering into a new reality relatively unscathed. The more aware you become, the more information you have to use to build understanding and eliminate fear. You who have received the message about your own divinity are the ones who can guide others on the path of promise that Nine is. It is up to you to reach to the stars; we are here and we are responding to your heartfelt offers of friendship. We are brothers and sisters to you, and in love we say, it is not long now before you see that for yourselves. By “not long”, we are speaking of cycles of weeks rather than moons. As you come together in accord, you heighten your ability to see what has before been hidden. As you find your innate divine spark, and as you find light in the shadowy corners of your soul, you see in the form of opalescent truth what before you saw as invisible illusion. With this increase in perception, you may just see what before you had only hoped was true, taken on faith and a few blurry images. We ask, because the time has come for asking: What will you do when you see for yourselves what had been hidden behind a veil of misinformation, in the very near future? It will be before you know it that you will have to answer this question anyway, so we ask in preparation so you have a moment to ponder. Really, what do you think you’ll do? Freaking out aside, of course.

You are tired of hearing about it, we know. We have seen how you fixate on specifics, though, and we want to avoid any misdirection of energy. Soon is in relative terms because “August 15”, for example, would perhaps be distracting. You have enough to think of. If we said “October 23”, you would be likewise at a temporal focal point rather than freely flowing with unfolding events. So we stick with “soon”, and let you work out some layers of frustration and fear and whatever else that word conjures up for you. It will all be to your benefit, if you keep your mind on your path of perfection rather than seeking to downplay the role of integration of lesser frequencies with higher tones of OM. When we do show up on your doorstep, please remember that we did mention this, that the love you bring to your awareness in the form of having allowed reality to rearrange itself despite your personal misgivings, divisive tendencies and malicious ingratitude for opportunity after opportunity to overcome them is the great secret to why we do what we do the way we do. As you are fond of saying, it is the journey, not the destination, that makes the trip worthwhile.

So what if you saw a lightship? What if you saw an angel? What if you saw enemies make peace, soldiers put down their weapons, and treacherous villains morph into beings of light? What if you experienced the end of a lifelong struggle with a family member, with addiction, with hopelessness or despair? Can you see yourself in that situation, looking at your life forever changed because something in your reality has suddenly ceased to be, or some secret longing has taken form in front of you? Can you make that switch from here to there in your thinking, can you feel what it would feel like to be free of every limitation your beliefs had impinged upon your reality with? It would be worth considering, perhaps, not so much because you don’t want to be caught unprepared as because in doing so you create a thread of energy to which reality can entrain. These are bold actions, these thoughts, and they can result in bold realities coming into view. Consider what you want to experience for yourself, and see if anything changes. If you put your mind to it, and your heart, you can get the hang of it pretty quickly. Honestly, how would your reality change if you had no fear about having “the conversation” you’ve been putting off? What would your life be like if you had no need for your addictions? Can you imagine that? Just sit with it for a minute and let the fear seep out of the whole scenario, then sit with it for a moment more. Just in that moment, a new reality has begun to come into view. It could be just what you are looking for.

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  1. This was truly an amazing article, I resonated with this very deeply.

    Thank you!

    Peace and positive energy to you!

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