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It’s time for us to introduce ourselves.


It is starting to become apparent that you wish a more personal relationship with us yourselves. If that is to be so, we need to have a more personal interaction you can understand. This is all new to our transcriptionist, too, so consider this to be our unveiling to the world. If you’re ready, we’ll begin.

As a collective, we who have called ourselves the Pleiadian Renegades are healers. That is a specialty of every individual within our group. Each has his or her own perspective and shares it in his or her own particular way. We work together to reach out towards you as a planet, as a group of readers, as individuals in the common interest of healing. We know you, and you are just beginning to have an appreciation of how deep that knowledge may go. You, on the other hand, have knowledge of us only as “the Renegades” and that must change. Incidentally, we call ourselves renegades in the sense that we are not of the bent that follows the main reactionary current of civilization as it has come to be known by you on your planet, with your relatively limited understanding of your own history. We are renegades in the sense that we are intent on breaking the boundaries set by ignorance while at the same time leading you on a path towards integration of your shattered psyches, your incongruent experience of reality as a social species, and your individual experience of separation from your source and family. We are renegades of fear-based social engineering systems of thought and as healers we seek understanding rather than oblivion. In that sense, like many of you, we are renegades, not from our own society but as an example of how we stand in response to your rogue government. It is our hope that you learn from us the finer points of renegade style, so that revolution might not be necessary, as you have known the word to be defined.

In all, there are 7 who speak through the mental channel opened up to us by your friend and ours, the one who carries our words to you. We seven are all Pleiadian by birth, coming from a single planet from within the Pleiadian system of stars. Our home planet, and our transcriptionist’s, is one called Temmer, and we speak to you not from Temmer’s shores but from a vessel in the neighborhood of Earth. In our group of seven is a concord of thought and intention, yet we each retain our own voice and take turns transmitting our collective communication to you, as you may have sensed. I who speak to you now am called Arnitho Lhat. I am not in any way a leader of the group of seven but I do have the most resonance with the crystalline structure of DNA of our transcriptionist, making communication much more facile. I am a leader of others, however, and a renegade of sorts from a philosophical view of humanity at this time on Earth. You have long been of interest to the people of the galaxy, and while many have seen your cause as hopeless at best, others have seen the promise of peace bearing fruit among you. Many of you are renegades and we love that about you. It is becoming apparent that you are on the brink of opening up a dialogue with those of extra-planetary origin, and I am overjoyed to be part of that evolvement of consciousness. My duties are of a carrier of information, and transmuter of light from the source of all consciousness, which we call OM. I serve with others who live as free people of the galaxy, in harmony with the natural impulses of consciousness in search of knowingness of self and peaceful inter-relationship with all expressions of OM’s impulse of I AM. You might say I am a captain of a team of many thousand such expressions of I AM, individual people serving together in the interest of human understanding, peace, and initiation into the mysteries of divine awareness of self.

Others who share with you from this collective are Bainira na Lonish, a healer of the time-shattered beingness from historical trauma; Hawt no Iccolon, who is in the artistry of storytelling weaving together your mental synapses to reach understanding of your greater beingness; Moril Soucca so Noa, a translator of temporal waves; Annocoa Lonconilo, one who remains in the background of our speaking to maintain the overall chemistry of truth with respect to Nine’s perfecting light; Choa Anlos, a being of great insight who tells us of a shadow within the stories you tell yourselves, a knower of your natural history and keeper of the lineage of truth of your cosmic relationship with respect to the dimensional overlay of your time and place; and Londish noa on Sconil, our resident earth-starship liaison who keeps us informed of developments within the collective consciousness of your planetary sphere. We together form a unit of interdimensional communication with the one who now receives our transmissions. We will have more extensive contact with others in the future, but for now this is the mode of communication we have chosen to rely on.

Now, many of you have been on pins and needles thinking about what you have to do in your lives and what you feel about your situation, yourselves, and your race’s future. It is time for massive change, and you have been feeling the pull of the inevitability of a change in consciousness on a planet-wide scale, yet you also have the feeling that you have been thwarted in your search for meaning within the social structure of control in which you exist. You are in for a big shift, and not a moment too soon. And we say this to you specifically, it is not a moment too late, either. You are on track, yet you have been watching and waiting for confirmation. You have been in the driver’s seat, do you know that? You are the ones controlling the timing of what is to be. And you have been searching for the doorknob that leads to the promised land, for the key to unlock the mysteries that are shared in pieces far and wide, for the understanding that will bring into focus the path to contact. You know you have the power to change the whole picture of reality for yourselves. You cannot take on yourself, as an individual, what is best for another, but you care for your species enough that you wish and hope and pray for awakening on a grand scale. You have the key, and you have had your hand on the doorknob for some time now. It takes only a slight turn to open the door, and that is where you are now experiencing yourselves to be. Hope is now before you. Let the door open, just a crack, that’s all you need. Then the other side of the door will become apparent to you, and your reality will have changed forever. You are ready. It is time for change.

We do not take lightly this introduction of ourselves, for it is not a singular communication designed simply to inform you but to prepare you for the very real change that is now upon you as a people and a planet. You are welcomed into the greater community of light that is the society of peoples of the galaxy you call home. We call it home, too. Many beings do, just as many beings call your planet home. You cannot communicate with all of them yet, though some of you do have that ability and some are just now discovering it. Just as the plants and animals and minerals of your world have much to share with you, so do we. Our position now is on the edge of your dimensional shift. You have already entered it. We will not be a thing of debate between believers and skeptics for much longer. How long, depends on you. Open the door just a crack. Let us peek in and wave hello so that all may see. Give us the room to engage your people, and let the party begin!

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Good Morning, It’s Time to Get Out of Bed

You are all doing a lot of work right now as a people coming into the realization that your rosy picture of the world isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If you are coming to realizations about how reality has tricked you into believing it was real, then you are waking up from a dream into awareness of a new day. That is nice to hear, but what does it really mean? What is a new day but a new opportunity to recreate your world according to your intent and awareness? Today is a day of great change, if you so deem it to be. It is a day of a new reality coming into being, if you decide to relinquish the remnants of belief still trying to hide from the light of your wakening consciousness. Everyone is feeling some kind of nudging to see what has always been hidden from them as it reluctantly comes into view. You might realize that your relationships have been other than what you would like them to be. Now you have a choice. You could decide that’s how it is. You could shift your response to one of love and appreciation for giving yourself such a rich gift to experience the full blossoming of. If it seems like you have done all that, don’t despair, you are on the doorstep with your hand outstretched towards the doorknob. If you open the door, you will not be in the same situation ever again. If you open the door to another reality, your relationship or whatever it is that comes up for you now will change. If you reject the doors that lead to realities with the expression of complaint, bitterness, or insensitivity, then that is what you choose. Don’t worry, a brief foray is sometimes needed for your full understanding that you might not want to stay in that kind of world. You can find yourself at another set of doorways as easily as deciding that you must change. Then choose anew. You can’t lose, because you can have another set of doorways appear anytime you want them. Just ask: Are you able to risk losing the framework of beliefs that constantly lead you to doorways of suffering? Are you able to see the cracks in the foundation? Maybe it’s time to look at what you don’t want so you can have your self ready for a new set of parameters to settle into. It is easy for reality to shuffle itself around what you intend to experience. It is time to mourn the death of illusion, folks, and not a moment too soon.

You are only as entrapped in the web of illusion as you choose to be to experience what you became human to experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all. It has been to your credit that you are still in the game, changing realities with ever-increasing facility and awareness. We ETs are relieved, for now we can embark on a most promising timeline in the realm of What’s Possible Now. If you are ready to shed the illusion that we are not really going to enter into your reality, we may proceed. You are, for the most part, ready, but in your general population there is still some lingering doubt, which we are busily sweeping away, with the help of those brave souls who love the truth and abandon fear. Our thanks go out to you always for the work you do in sharing what you know. The veil of illusion is falling to pieces. Only a few thin threads keep it in some semblance of order, and they are about to become eroded to the point of fraying altogether. You hear much in metaphor about the imminent breakthrough of light, and we are here to tell you that it will be more than metaphorical when the veil finally disintegrates.

The information we have been sharing with you these past several months is meant to support you in the transformation of consciousness that you are about to witness in yourselves in a very big way. All the talking in the world, or beyond, cannot prepare you for such a change if you are not willing to open your own eyes to what is on the horizon, casting the first rays of twilight on the landscape of the reality you have always known and trusted. In the time since we began speaking to you through these messages, you have passed through many intensifications of frequency, of intention, of relationship with your self emerging from illusion. All of humanity has undergone the perfecting scalpel of the source of perfection, and now is the time of final adjustments before we are more visibly present. Relax, be aware of your opportunities for perfection and do what you can to ease someone’s heart when they are overly stimulated by the energies of change sweeping through the planet. Remind them that they can choose peace as easily as they can choose chaos. Remind them that they are divine, that they are loved, and that they are in the middle of a planetary transformation that is natural and in perfect order. Listen for the ionosphere to start crackling, and be ready to transmute whatever you have left of illusion into a new reality.

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