Nothing Out of the Ordinary, and Yet…

You have heard the bell ring, sleepers, and you are rousing yourselves to make sense of a new day while tomorrow has yet to form itself into today. Those early-morning hours are full of promise, yet you often find they are, shall we say, a little scratchy. You stretch yourselves awake and work to make yourself connected to the reality your conscious mind remembers it left before you fell asleep. Let yourself have the luxury of allowing yourself to relax into wakefulness. You are jolted enough in your sleep. Peace is a choice, and one best made before you open your eyes and roll out of bed.

Have you forgotten the words we spoke to you just a few weeks ago, dear ones? The ones that sounded something like, you should give yourself a reason to remember who you are, by asking yourself questions about why you choose what you choose? Perhaps we are taking liberties with paraphrasing here, but the crux of the thought was along the lines of being aware of your greater purpose by being aware of your here-and-now decisions. Every little piece of a moment is packed with the potential of choice, if you are aware of it, and every choice affects the outcome of other choices down the line. That is what you might call the ripple effect of your conscious life as a human being on the surface of the planet you momentarily call home. We say “momentarily” because you can choose to feel like part of the awakening consciousness of the planet, or not, but you are only really visiting in the form of a human being, whether your spirit feels at home here, or not. The ripple effect is powerful and potent, and you are learning to use it to good effect as your choices to become aware begin to work in synchrony and unison. Bigger and bigger ripples you can create, and fewer and fewer tsunamis will you have to endure as the flood of consciousness comes crashing on the shores of the world you inhabit. Waves of light-encoded particulate energies are washing over Gaia, and you are part of the whole thing. Now, as to who we are…

Upon our introduction, we invited you to talk with us. You may, if you like, ask us what you would like to know. We will answer in ways that are appropriate for each person. You are not going to be manipulated of become part of some elaborate psychological experiment in control, as many have suggested the entire phenomenon of interstellar communication is. It is not, and those sentiments are the outgrowth of fear of the loss of identity, power, and personal selfhood. When have we ever advocated that, dear ones? So you know us, you feel the truth resounding in the words we share. It is time to take things a little further, and suggest that you become more familiar with us as people, and thus become better acquainted with the dimension of consciousness from which we derive our beingness, which we have shared in the understanding of Nine. Briefly put, Nine is the tendency to perfection inherent in all things. It is the central point of the spiral. It is the universal constant, the elemental is-ness, it’s what puts the OM in home, the I AM in who you are, the U in soul and the soul in all. It’s nothing all that out-of-the-ordinary, but it is not so often noticed in the humdrum of Earthly existence, as it has become to be experienced. Nine lives in every atom and breathes in every being, and it is Nine that weaves love into the brilliant design of Your Life. We travel on the vibration of Nine and through Nine our words come to you now. Spend a quiet moment with the numbers of creation and tune yourself to Nine, then see what happens. It isn’t as if you aren’t naturally tuned to the higher frequencies of the universal vibration of life, anyway. Nine is your natural state of being, without all the trappings of embodied experience. Nine leads to the self, to the divine, and to the inner world of pure being. We are tuned to Nine, and so it is that we invite you to share our frequency band awhile and get used to the heady lightness of being.

We ask that you not strain your eyes too much looking for us in the skies. We will appear but it will be to the heart first; then the eyes will become attuned to the range of vision required for seeing our forms in your reality. It is the heart that drives the transformation necessary for the eyes to see properly. Without the heart, you go cross-eyed. Laser-sharp vision you will have when you release the doubts and attachments you tend to allow yourself to hold onto. Your security is not in question when you release what you think is important, but it is assured when you allow what your soul shows you as important to settle into your awareness. It is not without risk to your sense of stability that you train your vision higher, and the inner stretching you do to reach new levels of awareness can indeed knock you momentarily off-balance. We say “momentarily” because you can choose to feel like part of the awareness of is-ness, or you can choose to stay firmly rooted in elemental reality as it appears. Once you choose — and the choice can be made again and again, as you please — the ease of seeing might just surprise you. There is no trick other than to give your heart permission to jump a little higher than your head and knock your consciousness loose from its moorings. Anchors aweigh, it’s time to set course for higher ground!

If we sound cavalier about the simplicity involved in discovering your ability to see, remember we are simply training your focus toward the lens of Nine and opening the door as you knock. You are the ones making the decisions to open your eyes, to realize what’s in front of you, to call the darkness of sleep into wakefulness and thus allow it to come into balance with the full spectrum of frequency available to you. It isn’t always easy to wake up; some sweet dreams can take on a nightmare edge as you rouse yourself from the comfort of blankets, nest, and pillow. Take your own best advice and love yourself in spite of the morning grouchiness you sometimes feel. Let a sunbeam pierce the shadows and play in the timeless in-between. It’s nothing you haven’t seen a thousand times before. But have you ever really noticed how it changes everything?

Soon you will see a big change in your reality. You really don’t want to hear that again, we know, but events are falling into place in an order that points to a shift in how you perceive what you experience. It isn’t going to be a transition so much as a transposition, a shuffling of the deck, a new metaphor moving into place. You have changed much by choosing to stay in the game. The next phase promises to shake the dice a little more frequently. It’s a fairly safe bet to say you’ll enjoy the coming changes. Have fun, as much as you can in any case, and remember to stay on target. If things get a little dicey, you’ll at least have some fun along the way to a new reality, if you can remember to relax a moment, take a deep breath, and allow things to unfold naturally. You’re right on track.

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  1. Thank You!!! For being you 🙂

  2. Thank you. It all rings true.

  3. I would like to remind everyone who is reading your comments that the really important thing to do is to get to know yourself more deeply than you ever have- only after you are fully grounded in self should you show undo interest in what other beings-human or otherwise have to say about the experiences you may be having. Trust only yourself! Just saying. It is super important you know yourself before you listen to anyone outside of yourself. It’s part of the divine test. Go for it! I hope this is not to cavalier- but I could not read the article too far without feeling like I needed to look away. Just a feeling really.
    All my love,

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