If You Want to Make a Difference, Inhale, Exhale

Now we greet you from the other side of a great and powerful shift in frequency field. We must admit that the view is much improved from this angle, as far as we can see. The inexcusable behavior that has been going on in the shadows suddenly has new light cast upon it, and the denizens of the dark are shifting from side to side to regain some sense of balance, squinting their eyes in the floodlights of a new day. It is dawning on them that they might not have the upper hand anymore. It is a woeful day for many as they come to a reckoning of what their lives have stood for. For many, it is a time of reflection and recognition, or more correctly, of contrition. How do you stand now that the light has shifted and your own shadow takes on a new cast? You cannot simply say that the bad guys are getting their comeuppance, and that’s that. You are driving this rig, people of Earth, and you are responsible to a great degree as to how things play out. The time for sitting on the sidelines and hoping, wishing, intending has come to its fullness; now you have the next steps before you, and you are drawing the map as you go. Your collective energies have carved out a great swath of the wilderness and individual paths now join to form a superhighway into the future. What you do, and how you do it, is going to determine the lay of the land from here on out. Certain landmarks will come into view, it is true, having been put in place long ago by the intelligence that has the whole of creation in its mind. However, each of you contributes to the reality taking shape, and if you want to make a difference in how that comes together, we have good news. The key is in your own breath. How much simpler could it get?

You have heard us say over and again how your awareness coupled with your breath is a driving force in changing your reality. To use the breath to clear out the detritus of past trauma and hurt and energize dusty old memories into crystalline clarity of I AM. To dive into the vortex of pain and blow it into elemental dissolution, gaining its power from the chaos of imbalance and emerging on the other side with forgiveness having set things straight. All these things and more we have guided you to use your breath to achieve. Do not think we are abandoning this train of thought now, dear ones, oh no, not at this critical juncture in the opening of the psyche of humanity! It is as important now as it ever has been to be aware of your breath and to center into your own experience. Too easy it is, sometimes, to get caught up in the sideshow circus that has passed for governing reality in your world, too easy to hold your breath and wait for the next character to do his song and dance. Don’t turn blue in the face waiting for sanity to restore itself in the big top while the clowns ride bumper cars into oblivion. Laugh instead, if you can, but don’t hold your breath. The power is released only as you use it. You can find the kernel of a lesson about greed there, if you look, but we are moving into the next story, so please make a note to explore that at a later time. For now, take a deep breath, allow it to swirl in light vortexes within your being, gathering up the shreds of thought left over from the week’s happenings, and let it all out. Brother, doesn’t that feel better? Now, on to our story.

Once there was a land in which all the people had but one desire, and that was to be free from the oppressive reign of a giant with big feet and little understanding of how to dance. He tried, and he fancied himself quite a figure on the floor, but truth be told, he was a clumsy oaf who had two left feet and a poor sense of direction. If he happened to catch wind of a melody, his feet would start moving without his head’s interaction, and whole villages would be sideswiped by the time he regained his balance. So it was that the people lived in mortal danger of being trod upon with little notice. To lessen their chances of becoming homeless and flat broke, there was a general understanding that melody would be off-limits where lives would be at stake. In this way, they thought, at least they could survive. It wasn’t long, however, that the giant visited the silent villages and wondered aloud at the lack of foot-tapping music. He wanted to dance and show the villagers how adept he was at transforming himself from a lumbering oaf into a graceful fearless moving energy. He wanted them to understand the illusion he carried of himself, to see that he was pure poetry in motion, to applaud his steps and revel in his movements. Finding no soul-inspired vibration, he became enraged. Oh, calamity! as he stomped around and flattened everything in sight. Woeful now were the villagers, as town after town suffered the brunt of his footsteps. What could they do to free themselves from such a tyrant? He was bound by the music, addicted to the rhythm, and without it was like a chaotic tornado of inchoate energy.

It wasn’t long before drastic action was necessary to save themselves and their land from the bumbling overgrown mass of music-starved entropy. Giving themselves over to the general consensus that something new was needed, they sat together to ponder in silence. In the silence, thought was permitted its natural activity of forming itself according to the desires of the heart, and before long the whole of the people became aware of each other’s longing for peace. One by one, they relaxed into the knowingness, and inaudible sighs filled the space between them as they let go of the tension they had for so many generations carried deep within themselves. As the sighs reverberated in the vacuum of longing, the people started to breathe in unison–imperceptibly at first, then with greater unity. With the collective breathing in and out, an undercurrent of vibration began to form and soon it was heard throughout the land. It was not music, but the seed of all sound, and it shook the giant so profoundly that he lost his balance altogether and fell into a pool of infernal purification and finally got his dancing shoes on, in the form of elemental dissolution and harmonic resonance reconstructed as a tiny speck of dust held captive in vibration and light. As for the people, well, as you can imagine, they began singing a new tune, one born of perpetual harmony in the knowingness of peace and the awareness of the vibration of OM. It wasn’t long before they tidied up and began to live happily ever after.

Dear ones, if this turn of the page that has greeted you comes as a surprise, relax and enjoy the vibration. It has been a long time coming and you have worked very hard to prepare yourselves for peace. You have it in your sights now, and as a collective of people bent on learning how to live together without being stomped on; you have every reason to celebrate the reappearance of what was once a way of life for humanity on Earth. The glimmers of a golden age are beginning to show at the edges of your reality now. Let go of the tension, breathe into the fullness of your being, and exhale words of peace. Very soon, you will be singing a new song yourselves, one of celebration and release. Meanwhile, keep breathing, and let the rhythm of a new day settle in among your people.

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  1. Beautiful story/analogy. Recurring here in the Renegade Thoughts, is the OM “seed of all sound” as a significant source in the change of a deflected person/society. What a subtle surprise! It is so on the “fringe” of our identified consciousness, yet there when quiet is enabled. The Sound of a Powerful Roar coming from everywhere, yet emitted from nowhere…

    Thank You So Much,

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