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Near to the Edge of Understanding


Close you have come to grasping how to maintain the mass correlation between individual hearts and the idea of peace and harmony, but not for more than the most fleeting of moments have you captured pure bliss as the vibration of a mass of human consciousness at one time. Only after you’ve had an opportunity to carry the frequency within your own body can you help to carry it with others. You have to pick it up first, then share it. It is becoming easier for many people now to feel the relative bliss such moments of vibrational entrainment with OM afford. It is the bliss you discover within your own experience of OM that makes the changes you are going through worth working through. It is the bliss you experience as a people, together, that will open the door to our presence and allow us to be able to communicate with you directly. You are capable of reaching such a level of unitary consciousness. You are so close to going over the edge of it into a new way of being altogether, in which bliss is the baseline, the normal state of being. Why not head in the direction of planetary bliss by engaging your own bliss-making inner mechanisms through focused awareness on your breath as a conductor of light from the stars to the cellular structures of your body and the thoughts of your mind? It might be enough to push you out of the groove of doom altogether.

You have operated for eons within the narrow confines of a doctrine of dichotomy, a system of duality in which the natural urge to live is kept in check by the unnatural greed for insanity and control of the life-force. You are each day confronted by some aspect of such chaos, even those who live somewhat secluded lives. It is part of the human experience of life on your planet. However, that is set to change, as your baseline state of being modulates according to natural processes at work in the galaxy and beyond. You are reaching a point in time that could act as a way for you to settle into a new groove, one that time can only say started events moving along a different trajectory than they had been up until the critical mass switch was flipped and awareness started spreading through the collective consciousness like wildfire. No one would be unaffected to some extent by the conflagration of consciousness that such an event as unfettered contact with off-world humans would ignite. It is only a matter of time until you witness this for yourself, and life as you know it will never be what you have known it to be.

You know the old saying, “What goes around comes around.” But do you know the new saying, “What once has been will never be again”? Granted, it is not as widely stated, bent as your world is on retribution and history repeating itself. What we want to communicate to you today is that once an idea has played itself out in one arena, once it has explored the totality of permutations possible within any given closed system, that idea will have reached the point of no return and disintegrate into the knowingness of I AM. OM is shaping a creative nexus of potential as we speak. What will be the next clue in the eternal return of the wounded king? It is only whatever the players have in mind as a collective consciousness. Is it possible to say with certainty that the myth has played itself out and that other stories are ready to be told? Is it possible to rewrite history into a new future without falling into the same traps that appear every time the history books are revised? You are no stranger to intrigue in the highest circles of the elite. It is no surprise, then, that the circling vultures are stuck in their own repetitive set of circumstances. Of course they would say nay, yet OM has some surprises in store even for them. Do not be so sure the map of time is so carefully plotted out that some new routes might not appear where there was before only empty space. Have more resilience of imagination to understand at least that point, and you may find yourself on a wonderful journey of experience within a nexus of potential you never dreamed was possible.

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