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Take a Breath

tree head

If, in your wanderings, you have come across the systematic destruction of the human body reported in various modes and methods, do not be afraid. If you have seen atrocities that stun your brain and emboss an image of pain and horror onto the screen of reality, fear not. If you have felt the sting of incongruence being forced upon the waking shores of humanity’s dream, do not be alarmed. Step back and take a breath. It is allowed, you know. It is not necessary for you to become enmeshed in the web of ideas and infernal action. You are divine. You are eternal. How is there to be any suffering in this understanding? Only that you have been holding on to beliefs that that is the way of the world and it cannot be changed. Have you allowed that to subtly monitor your thinking and lay waste to your awareness of your intangible existence in the breath of OM? If you are not aware of what subtle beliefs have infiltrated your experience, it is time to change how you think. If that seems a tiny bit redundant, so be it. Yet realize that the belief that you have nothing left to change is itself a very persistent stumbling block for the whole of humanity. It is not just the way of the world to cause you to weep. It is the way of the world simply to be. It is within the breath of OM that you are, that your planet is, that we and all of the other beings and homes in the universe are. We are all together in the breath of OM. Take a breath and feel that to be true for you now. Breathe within the breath of OM and feel the sweetness of its fractalline wisps of joy. You exist as one of them.

Dear people of Earth, we weep at the pain we have witnessed on your world, and on our world as well. It is not the time to dwell on weeping. Weep, and be done. Honor, then live. Take what wisdom is offered by any single moment’s pain and envelop it within your heart. Feel it bathed in the breath of OM, and release it, transformed. Your ballast has weighed you down from eons of witnessing the destruction of joy. Can you witness, now, yourself altered by the breath of OM and release your memories of pain, and simply allow the wisdom of love to bury itself in your soul? It is only resurrected as joy, once the anchor of pain remembered is cut. How else can you rise up, people, how else can you become light, but to transform the weight of pain into the essence of love? If we seem to be skipping a step here, let us fill in the broad strokes with the entertaining respite of story. Hear the words and let them work within your psyche. In the great tradition of narrative is a transformational psychology written.

Near the edge of a forest lived a gentle soul, an old man who carved the trinkets which brought joy to the children of the village nearby. He whittled away at branches and knots until he had released the form of joy he sensed was hiding in the raw wood. He never planned aforethought what he would do for his next piece of carving, but allowed the tree’s spirit to release itself through his hands. As his knife bit into the brown bark, he began to settle into a steady rhythm, his hands and his breathing in a gentle back-and-forth cadence in which the carving came alive. No thought took root, nor did any worldly distraction deter his activity. In only a few moments, he had in front of him a representation of the tree’s energies in the form of a toy or some tiny trinket, yet within him he had divined a vast ocean of peace and bliss. He had not sat with the intention to create this thing which had been within the tree. He had not sat with the intention to make something useful for some child. He sat to become one with the breath of the tree, with the spirit of the earth, with his inner frequency band of bliss. He sat to realize again his inner reality as his only reality and to reconnect with the divinity he traced with each breath he breathed. He sat to allow the breath of the divine to breathe through him, and thus to become again identified with his holographically resonant experience of being divine. Just for a moment, just for as long as it took for his knife to remove the veil which hid the toy within the heart of the wood. He was complete when he carved, and he brought that completeness to his stream of awareness in his waking world. The toys and trinkets brought joy to people, making his experience of completeness even more real. In time he was given the title of the Old Man of the Forest, and the children brought him gifts that they had made, for he taught them all he knew. Thus was the great breath of the ancient way of OM breathed into the people of the earth.

How to create a path to OM’s heart, to the source of OM’s breath is the test of the one who would know him- or herself as OM embodied. There is no sure way to take but to know one’s own heart, one’s own breath, and to follow the rhythm that pulsates from within to the heart of the All That Is. You are able to do that in every moment, if you become aware of your own divine presence waiting to breathe through your beingness as a human on earth. There is love embedded within the experience of stripping away the dead layers of self. Under the protective bark you present to the world is the heart of the whole of humanity waiting to be discovered in its unique joyful expression that is you. Your breath can peel back layer by layer to reveal who you came here to become. Joy resides within the heart. Will you allow the Old Man — the OM — to wield the breath as a knife and release your self, transformed? Allow OM to breathe through you and to carry away the energies that hide the truth of your essence. Join your breath with the breath of OM and feel the truth of your essence become the form you bear to the world. You are becoming transformed, and the truth is becoming revealed. Trust the process and the breath. Be OM.

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