Take Another Look

(Note: I began writing this on December 14, 2009 and finished on December 30, but have since then been focused on a family crisis.)

It has been an exciting week, with that big spiral appearing in the skies over Norway. In all the abounding speculation, where is the truth about what probably was the first of many such sightings? It has been said that only a blind man can take you to the places deep in the jungle. There are some things your eyes can’t help you with. Discerning the truth about the spiral is one of them, to some degree. To see the truth about what that was, let us venture inside the vortex of a black hole. You won’t see a whole lot, but you’ll understand the truth in ways that are more dependable than sight alone. We shall tell a story, and the main character is called Thomas. We join him now…

When he was very young, Thomas took a trip to see a far-away land full of exotic people and customs. He had drunk deep of the flavor of this place, and when he returned home with his family, he carried the essence of that place with him, in the etheric form of interior impressions of memory. Thomas was never one to doubt the truth of a thing he had experienced by seeing it with his own two eyes, and he had seen much during his time away from home that had troubled the normal routine of life at home. You see, Thomas had been to a place where people were full of the light of the sun, and he had never enabled himself to see something as bright as that. So while he had been in this place, eaten the food, danced to the music, he had not seen a thing. He was as a blind man, and for Thomas, that was as ignorant as he could be. Without his eyes telling his brain what he was seeing, he was completely in the dark.

Back at home, busy with the things that he oversaw from day to day, he lived with the memory of that experience sealed safely off from his awareness, for it troubled him when he considered the implications. What were the implications? Well, for one obvious thing, he was at a loss to say what, exactly, he had experienced, and that might mean that he had lost himself and not been aware of it. It might mean that he had not the mental capacity to understand what was happening, which made him feel frustrated at his human limitations. He didn’t want to be limited in any way at all, but without the means to translate his experience, he simply ignored the thing and let it shine its pale light in the confines of mental capacity while he went about the business at hand.

It was a long time until he remembered that he had forgotten the terror of blindness, and the thing that triggered his memory was a simple, easy rhyme. “If the trail is marked with gold, soon your fortune you’ll behold; If the trail is cold and dark, your way has nothing but secrets to impart.” He had the shiver of remembrance as he thought, my way has secrets, yet they keep their silence. He raised his eyes to the sky and blinked, and suddenly the terror of not being able to see what was happening engulfed him anew. Why couldn’t he see? What was happening? Was he safe? Was something about to jump out at him? A thousand questions arose at once, and he held his head lest it explode. He was again a boy at the threshold of the experience, and his sanity dictated that he should explore from the safety of his present moment.

Through the fog of light he saw what he thought were shapes of a brighter luminosity moving in the distance. Squinting, he only gave himself a headache. Relaxing his eyes, giving himself the moment to realize that he was alive and in no immediate danger, he let the light take a shape he had not ever had the experience of seeing before. He could not describe it in terms other than what was familiar, like a child’s drawing. He felt fear at the edge of his awareness and the darkness it represented; a deeper breath, relaxing again, the darkness faded and the light took on new clarity. Soon he was in the presence of what had for a good part of his life been absent from his awareness. The swirling light gave him the knowledge of love beyond the scope of his experience, and his sight, now adjusted to the scope of a greater knowledge of love, took in more of a reality he had been blind to.

There is no more to this part of the story which we can impart until you too have had the scope of your experience adjusted by the understanding of love greater than you can now imagine. You try to imagine it and you have experiences which guide you to it, and some of you even maintain the high of the frequency of it very well. But the reality of it surpasses all that. The reality of it is in the mists of light that you are aware of now in your own realm of experience as humans alone on Earth. It is set to change. Get ready for something completely new. If you have any doubts about the reality of love as a force that makes everything perfect, if you fear the failure of the system of light to come into the shape of a new reality for you as individuals and as a collective of humanity, you will allow the dark to creep in and shut off the bright new day that dawns. Love is everywhere, and light is pervasive. Dark is just as real and has its own beauty. In balance they are when you are at last aware of your own divinity, human. You have only to relax, for it is all taking shape beautifully.

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  1. thank you so much,as i have seen this shift,to a love that is so for giving in my self, a sort of spiritual 360,as i have seen also in others w/ lightning speed it has come and more will see in the breath of a breeze .

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