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The Next Sound You Hear Is the Other Shoe Dropping

Your world has become a strange place over the past several months. What is going on, you wonder? The dissolution of reality as you know it — or rather, as you have been led to believe it was. The time of the power play is coming to its long and drawn-out end, but not before world affairs work the audience over a little bit more. There is a scuffle happening onstage, behind the curtains, as the power players vie for the sole microphone and control of the spotlight. Pay attention now, as we stealthily climb from the seats and pull the curtains back, just a little. What you hear might spoil the ending for the hard-core ticket holders among you, so if you are one of them, you might want to cover your ears. You know who you are.

For those of you who are still listening, we will fill you in on our take of recent world-drama events as they pertain to this particular stage. Not long ago, someone burst the bubble of the collective human psyche with a deliberate drill-down into a very deep fear. Are you safe in the hands of the ones entrusted with the continued integrity of the planetary matrix, or have you been bamboozled by the charlatans posing as responsible human guardians of the public safety? Are the turns of events leading up to the current state of affairs — in which peace is increasingly a victim of war and independent freedom is tossed haphazardly under the grinding wheels of commerce — are these truly the natural evolutionary artifacts of your highly civilized modern culture, or might they rather be a symptom on a grand scale of an endemic disorder of the system of the global human organism? These and other diametrically opposed pairs of questions arise from the murky depths of a world held captive in a net of worse coming to worst before your trauma-weary eyes. The veil of untruth has been pierced, dear readers, people of the audience. Through the hole in the wall, let those who can hear give a listen. We carefully back up so you can see for yourselves what is transpiring in the shadows of this momentous entre-acte.

Behind the curtain of illusion, deception, and lies, a potent force is emptying its power in the internecine squabble of the key players. The curtain drawn, their power loses coherence. They cannot see, from where they are, the multitude of pairs of eyes watching their plot unravel, their masks and makeup lose their effect, the script fall to the floor unheeded and unsold. The argument at present centers on the eventual need for some rather drastic action to be taken on behalf of the show’s producers. Let’s listen to what they have to say, unscripted and unplugged.

FIRST MAN: The plan is going to fall apart unless we put our foot down and demand the Company start showing a profit, regardless of who pays.

SCENE-STEALING STRATEGIST: It isn’t going to take much to take down the whole theatre, but taking a little bit off the top won’t hurt anyone… much.

WOMAN OF GREAT RENOWN: If I don’t get a bit of my own, believe me there will be hell to pay!

FINANCIER: Be quiet! Everything is going to be fine… I just need a minute to explain it all to you…

MINION OF THE OVERLORDS: Boy, is this going to get ugly. Good time to get lost…

… and above it all, THE PUPPETEER, getting tangled in his own strings: This… is… not… supposed… to happen… this way!

And with a crash, they all fall down. In stunned silence, you watch their tangled bodies struggle beneath the weight of their own debris. There is nothing more to see, from the looks of the bashed and mangled set, the scattered masks and broken accoutrements of the play. The spotlight turns away from the sad spectacle, past us, past the stage, and falls upon you.

Dear reader, when illumination finds you, what will you do? In that moment, when the silent expectation of the empty mind is poised for the inspiration that follows your next breath, what will you say? You shape vibration by your righteous thought moving from the core of who you truly are into the dimensional array of reality. In this moment of truth, where you stand bathed in light, that reality awaits the sound of the next step you take.

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