Harmonious Interlude, Winter Solstice 2010

The time has come for us to come into an algorithm of justice regarding what has been perpetrated on the planet in the name of sanity. We have watched events unfolding with much personal sadness and even more collective hope, for the world is today on the precipice of great change. The buzz has reached the ears of the people who sit on the judge’s bench that justice has not been measured equally for too long and your wish to equalize is gaining strength. While there is no indicator readily available to you, by which you can watch the internal thermostat of the ones currently in power as you the people of the land turn up the heat by voicing your frustration with the status quo, you can open your own heart to feel the warmth of humanity within yourselves individually, and feel it in each other. The world is ready to feel new warmth, light, and life. It is within your power to wrest the deathgrip of the dark days of your past from the machine of imperfection manifest as the collective sleep of the human mind, to feel your own sense of hopelessness wither in the light of recognition of yourself as a human being, to turn the burning heat of impotent ire into the life-giving source of imagination and intelligence combined in a fusion of brilliant radiance. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to pry open sleepy eyes and let the light of your collective understanding of who you truly are fill your mental infrastructure with a new vista. Here we are to say, find your strength, don’t give up. The human race needs everyone to participate in what is set to unfold. You, included.

What you are on the brink of, whether you are involved in the petty dramas or the massive movements of power of the world stage, is nothing less than the recalibration of the workings of human consciousness. The only understanding of consciousness your science has agreed upon is that no one really knows for certain what it is. That is about to change, along with some fundamental underpinnings of world power. This is the time of coming together in accord which many have been preparing for over the months and years and lifetimes of evolutionary inner growth. Recognize it. Own it. Encourage each other and yourselves, even if all you feel is hopelessness and despair. This is the dark time. The light, from which there is no escape, is on the edge of the shadows.

There have been some major restructurings already in how you think, how you gather information, how you discern truth from a mechanical facsimile thereof. Expect this movement of consciousness to continue, along with realizations about what you are able to create with mental projection of energy into time and space. You are just beginning to have an inkling about what you are capable of achieving. We have monitored the indicators you have made available to many honorable and not-so-honorable observers of the future outcome of humanity and we encourage you to remember that you are, in the final analysis, the form of some ineffable, indefinable consciousness. You are conscious, and your form is the form of consciousness. Focus on the heart of the matter, whatever is presenting itself to you in this twilight stillness before the light of the day yet to come dawns to your eyes. Embrace what you see in knowledge that everything is changing as your perception changes and as understanding grows, as is inevitable. Remember who you are, human, and never give up in your quest for the light that illumines the heart and mind with self-knowledge. That light is yours, ever nearer to the moment of truth, when you realize it has been in your hand all the time. Hold on. We are with you, even now.

The Pleiadian Renegades


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  1. Maryann,

    I am inexpressibly encouraged by your emergence along your own path and by the re-emergence of the Pleiadian Renegades via yourself. Their intelligent, compassionate discourse is vital when it seems that the only light is within each of us, and little to none in the conditions of our world. Perhaps that is the point. I seldom “comment”, except in a universal silent mode. However, on the morning of the solstice, your message arrived at 4:35 AM. I’d also awakened early in the pre-dawn hours. I deeply appreciated reading in the early darkness, both the Pleiadian message and your own, on this sacred morning. It was a great prelude to waiting for the sun (light, as it is a gray, snowy day.) Yvonne

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful message. Like Yvonne, I seldom comment but today I want to say: Welcome back!

  3. Silent excitment, a tranquility from heaven returns. I feel elevation’ whilst reading – puzzeled about shadows i’m now attempting to descern the whereabouts of/

  4. Thank y ou for the beautiful, inspiring message……….so needed by all of us as we wait in the wings for the light to burst through. Love, Jean

  5. Thanks so much for this profound message! This is very encouraging and exciting! This year for me is really started to speed up and so many things are changing before our eyes! Thank you!

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