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Cost of Freedom: Score One for Human Kind

When the cold wind of processed modern living carries a chill that penetrates your bones with the awareness that the world is in a state perhaps best characterized as insane, put your feet firmly on the planet and know that nothing is left to chance when the will of the people is taken into consideration as a single divine voice remembering its truth. Where has this truth been hiding but in the forgetfulness of the fractured psyche of the multitude of humanity? Why has it lain in the dark, forgotten, neglected, but for its rediscovery at a time when the soul of the planet called out for the recognition of the living mind of the planet embodied in every sentient being upon it? Who are you, humans of Earth, if not this embodied corporeal essence of the unitary organism that sources and supports your terrestrial existence? What do you hope to accomplish, as a people facing extinction within mere generations, should current trajectories of societal manipulation continue unabated and unaltered, if not the triumph of survival and the transformation of the species into a self-sufficient, mutually benevolent brother- and sisterhood of creatively wakened perfected beings living in peace, properly maintaining your home? How have you managed to make it this far in a game that has stacked the cards unfavorably against you, and how will you make it now, to say finally, we have won, and none has lost? These are such pertinent questions, dear ones, and they will all be answered, for you have only to remind yourself that the clues are all around, and the truth will make itself known.

As your world watches itself move out of the confines imposed on it as if it were the unimportant participant in the brutality of repressed struggle against the power of world-strangling property owners, perhaps the answers will become apparent in the eyes of those who have had their first taste of freedom. Maybe you will see in their faces some clue to the state of affairs that has invested itself in the cultivation of empty harvests of ignorance, degradation, and decay. Entropy is energetic death, you know, and its impulse is hard to resist. When it comes to the point of no return on investment anymore, what happens to the people who have waited for their profit? They want to see that they haven’t wasted their time or energy, so it’s in the best interests of those upon whom their ministrations have been put to demonstrate the value of human capital, and make their value known. First to themselves, then to those who have burdened them with the oppressive weight of processes of control, will the people of Earth make their true value known. Only then will the freedom that has been lauded in tales of glory and songs of heroes truly be known. Only when you know your priceless worth as a human being will you come to know freedom.

Our brothers and sisters, too long have you shuffled towards the open window of this light-drenched day dawning, shackled with invisible bonds you have let yourselves believe were not there, crippled as a unified being of cosmic intelligence because even one of your people lay subordinated in chains. Too many of you carry scars as trophies attesting to your vindication of pain, and even though many still bleed from the cruel cuts of Nemesis’ harsh hand, it will not add to the intrinsic truth of the value of the global human organism to account its value by the number of lashes it has collectively endured. Now it has become clear, and awareness is growing, that the unblemished body of the planet and its people will become perilously in need of unveiling, as the pure being of a people arises from the rubble of broken dreams and broken promises. Perilously close are you now that the dawn is upon you to seeing yourselves in wholeness and evolutionary manifestation of the human in recognition of the self as divinity embodied. The emergent beings you are will blow your minds. Moving into the landscape that comes with the rebirth of humanity will blow your circuits wide open and the light you will hold when the next process of change begins will even raise the level of pacifism to a higher degree of power. There is no turning back to ignorance, no retreat into darkness. You find your way forward by moving ahead.

Many of the choices you have to make in the coming times will be cast in terms of “what brings the greatest amount of people the greatest degree of dignity and freedom?” or, “how will my mental response impact the consciousness of the body of humanity, of which I am part?” No single act of choice is felt only by you the chooser. The entire fabric of humanity is interwoven not only with itself on the planet, but as well on multiple dimensions. What do you want to contribute to it? You have the answer in the palm of your hand. Are you willing to put that in the hand of another in understanding that it is yourself whom you greet with courage and open sincerity? There, peace is possible, in the eyes and heart of one who asks for understanding. It is your own future that you secure when the knowledge is pure of people collecting their intention for peace and respect in the process of becoming unified as humanity of Earth. There is world peace to gain, please understand. The possibility exists and is known in the hearts of many who today have accepted the struggle to make it a reality. What point is there for peace to be anywhere when it is not everywhere? Who else can say now is the time, besides you? When will human beings be welcomed on the planet if not now, when you are greeting each other as for the first time, having tasted from the same cup of injustice and bitter oppression? How will you move forward if not all in the same direction? Where will you look for answers if not to each other, reflecting from your own heart the understanding that truth cannot be hidden any longer? Why do we ask so many questions, humans of Earth? Quite simply because you have all the answers. Listen to each other, allay fear where you see it, share your wisdom and your bread and a moment of your time. There is folded within the brief sharing a mystery’s unraveling. Hear it? Be open for the thunder. It is coming on silent footsteps and will break down the walls that have kept you captive. Don’t underestimate the power peace brings. Hardly a moment too soon will you awaken to its call. Be ready for a new day, beloveds! The long night is nearly done, and the light of understanding comes.


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