Yet Another Galactic Transmission about the Way Things Are

galactic transmission

Have we gotten your attention yet? It’s not so easy, you know. You are busy with a lot of other information at the moment. If you would, take your attention away from the messages of impending doom, catastrophic change, and world intertribal tensions and listen, just for a really short time. There is something we’d like to share, and it’s the best thing we can do right now, to put this information in your ears and eyes, and let you let us share. We are just a simple band of intergalactic brothers and sisters, but that’s the path many of you wish to take, so we thought we’d tell you a little bit about our understanding of what’s happening on the planet before the story comes out on the news. It is heading in that direction, but it’s always good to have an inside scoop if you can get one.

Your leaders are cooking up a really juicy plot to take you into the outside world with big fat bellies full of nonsense. You are for the most part aware of this, but things are getting more and more interstellar in scope, if you know what we mean. You have been clamoring for something to be revealed, but the truth is something that cannot be hidden forever and sooner or later reveals itself. The time for its unveiling is getting closer, if the time can be measured for such a reality to be born. It can’t really, but the attempt to pinpoint it is a noble one, and doesn’t have any really dire consequences, apart from personal disappointments for those who count on them to be the truth that they’re looking for. In actuality, the time for disclosure, the time of ascension, all that cannot be targeted without your participation in the whole activity. Ironically, there is little that the individual has to do, other than to take care of what’s coming into view for them. Worrying about the bigger picture is well and good, but the real change will happen when the nit-picky little details of individual perfection are dealt with in a soul-satisfying way. In a nutshell, that means taking a seriously honest look at the person who you are in the world, and comparing it to the person who you want to believe you are in the best of all possible worlds. The truth follows such noble deeds, when it can’t move forward during the heat of a controversy with unresolved origins. Get over the things that the news says you should be concerned about, acknowledge, and work on what you can do in relation to the activity of creating a perfect world and directing the flow of your presence toward its birth. It is enough, and the bigger issues of the day, whatever they become tomorrow, will sort themselves out. Hear the voice within and don’t get distracted by the noise of the next big adventure in the works. Your heart is in the know of what the truth has to show you, and it beams information to you constantly. Bring your attention to it and trust the truth to reveal itself through the internal conduit that feeds the soul of humanity everywhere. It is a survival means for the now.

It isn’t our intention to tell you what to do. It’s up to you to find the high modulation that’s there for your individual ascendance, and come together in conscious streams of finding a strength as one people. It is our intention, rather, to be present, to share perspective with those of you who are entrained to our vibration of frequency through these communications and inner awareness, and to be of service when and where we best are able. Beyond this, spiritual endeavor cannot be taken up by another on the path of another, unless there is agreement and a need. You are powerful and no one needs to order you into any other understanding than that you are, indeed, able to pull this off, to change your world, to become great big powerful high-vibrating beings of new standing on your own terms. We are here to be beside you as family, as friends, and as supporters for the birth of the new reality you are shaping. We are your fans, and we love you beyond words. Be brave, dear souls, and know we breathe blessings to the whole planet.


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  1. I’m liking these renegades more & more each day. obviously they have been hanging around me longer than I thought. A comfortable feeling still rings from reading this, even now. I think I’ll hang around 4 awhile. This is kinda nice. Allways with love, Donnie

    • Yes … what a great sentence about how we are Evolving Into Beings of Light ~
      Conscious & Powerful Creators of a New Paradigm ~ ” In a nutshell, that means
      taking a seriously honest look at the person who you are in the world, and
      comparing it to the person who you want to believe you are in the best of all
      possible worlds.” ~~~ We all must Think and Feel and Magnetize through our
      inner most Heart Being Our Higher Selves Into Our Unified Higher Purpose Selves !!
      What an Amazing Time to Be Alive Alove Aligned Alighted & Ascending 🙂 ~.~.~
      In The Healing Light ~ AshleyStarr ~

  2. claude lebel
    i love the picture !
    excellent article. we must believe in ourselves and others, this way we know to be and do our own thing which means to me , exercising the power of choice , not on an intellectual level but any equilibrium of mind and heart in concert withb our soul. I have all the answer , howver , for the moment , they are not all released at the same time concerning everything and everyone. Thats for the law of rythm , we, each of us have our own natural rythm, say it, sing it, dance it, hummm it, your choice, but remember from the song ”Song inside” ethan lipton,

    Dont you leave this earth without singing your song.

    i adore myself and i adore you
    i admire myself and i admire you
    i love Me and i love You

    thank you for the article
    Gratitude is the memory of the heart old chinese proverb

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