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End Game Scenario: How About the Light Beings?

light at the end of the world

If you think what has been intimated from the ones who foresee the future of your planetary shift is leaning toward the doom-and-gloom side of things, you might be interested in what we have to say today. If you think the world is going to swiftly come to lots of good things for everyone, light and love for all, you might also be interested in this. Should your interest be in the scientific understanding of what is happening and about to happen to the planetary and celestial interaction of measurable energetic fluctuations and the succeeding impulses impacting Earth, we have something to say to you as well. You see, we are not limited to speaking only to a particular branch of humanity, nor has that ever been our intent. We understand the penchant you have for compartmentalization of people, sometimes for good, sometimes for ill, but we say that we do not need to limit our communications with you in this regard. Our words are carefully engineered for all, nonexclusively, interactively, and for the common good. Of course, should you have no interest in understanding what we have to say, but are only interested in shooting down what you do not understand fully, then though we have something to say to you, you probably won’t understand it, so we will remain and speak nonetheless. You will soon enough have a choice to make as to whether you wish to give our words any credence, and until then, we merely let you have your target practice in peace.

The beginnings of big change are kicking into gear now. You will be aware of that as the sun starts to shine a little differently, and as the Earth begins to groan in her birth pangs. If you are not comfortable with such visceral imagery, think of it as repositioning of pressure to allow for a smooth transition of something quite earth-shattering to come into being, so that the generation of life can continue without the limitations of darkness pressing in on every side. Gold will lose its shimmer when you realize that the bottom of the barrel has been reached, in terms of the ability of the commercial enterprises of the global marketplace to sustain the game any longer. We have spoken to you before of the day that the game of Mogul becomes replace by the game of Dream Creation, and that day is on the edge of dawning, dear people of Earth. The pieces are falling into place just as the gameboard is tipping to one side, and winner-takes-all will be tumbling into a pit before the winnings can be interred for later enjoyment. The fact is, the time is upon you to take the initiative further than ever in spinning the checkerboard so you have a better view of what’s heating up on the horizon. If you can manage it, a big push together in the direction of love of humanity in all its forms could just get things situated so you can get the full picture. Greet each other as end-gamers, no matter what flavor of the game you have chosen to play, and know that we are cheering for the purported underdog (all the while knowing full well that the underdog is in fact the superhero in disguise). If you play it well, you won’t have to budge from where you now dream, for the participation in gameboard-spinning requires merely the application of mental and spiritual energies of the type that influence the materialization of matter at sub-infinitesimal measurements. You have the trump card, each one of you, not up your sleeve but in your very physical makeup. Intrigued? We have much more to share on this matter!

In the meantime, let us tell you a story. It has been far too long since you have had one from us. This one is guaranteed to have some bit of interest for at least some of you clever enough to read it. Be careful to begin at the beginning and end when you reach the end, so that there is no confusion as to what sequence of events we are talking about.

Not so long ago, there was a man in the world of men who had a telltale mark upon his hand that told anyone he met that he had been in the field of secret sharing. The mark indelibly showed on his skin to remind him of his lineage and loyalty, not unlike the sort of thing that bore significant bright certainty on elite memberships in days long gone. Yet this man had neither lineage nor membership to boast of, just a curious mark upon his hand. Yes, he had some sort of telltale sign of some meaning, but it was meaningless to most who met him, and to a large extent to himself as well. Days strung together and he lived under the shadow of nothing but reality when, in an instant that changed everything, he exited one reality and found himself in another one altogether. In this new reality, he discovered that the mark upon his hand had a great and profound meaning to most people there, and he began to understand his own lineage and origins much better. If there was such a shift, what caused it, and what was the nature of this mark upon his hand? In a word, density. In the old reality, the density of one world crashed in through the protective layers of another, and everything ceased to be as it had always, in memory, been. In the changed workings of the new reality, the density of the mark on his hand emanated a glow that to those who saw it was ever more meaningful because of the nature of the one who bore it, which was innocent of knowledge and bereft of memory upon his appearance among them. The mark: nothing but a scar, yet to those who knew its origins in sacrificial culture, it was the mark of a survivor, a bearer of connection to lost worlds, and a reminder that the ones who had lost the brave path in another world had not fully succumbed to death of spirit, but would survive to create a new world free from sacrifice, divine in its core, and free to evolve unimpeded.

Who was this man? He represents every human on earth who has given their life over to a great and powerful vision of something wonderful, something safe and wholesome, at least in theory. Many on your world fall into this category. He also represents any who have stood in the face of injustice and held out their hands for insanity and terror to end. They too abound on your world. Others bearing the energies of service, of duty, of getting along also resonate with our friend in the story. And the others seeing his truth? They are going to show themselves soon enough… and they are you, and we, and others yet to be introduced to the timeline of transformation. It is not to say simply that we are going to be in the picture, but to say that you have given the signal that it’s time for help to be ready to jump in and we are waiting to be of service where we can.

The days and weeks ahead are promising to be full of the potential of great and deep change for the planet, and so it is time to share the next tidbit of information with you as well. And that is, we are already with you, and the changes that are coming will be a big shock to many, but the truth is, we are in the secret silence of service every day, and there is none more in readiness to join in the general change than we. The light will soon shift into a higher gear of intensity and concentration of form, and the appearance in the sky of fine shimmers of radiance will be side by side with great big blasts of cosmic energy. We are here, and we are ready to be of service. You will see the changes coming to the earth in ways that what had been is no more, and the ground below your feet may start to move or rumble. We are here, and the changes are part of our service. When you see things seeming to fall apart, know that we are part of the new world coming into being, as midwives and as helpers. It is enough that things will be moving along rapidly without worrying about doing it all on your own, but we are not here to interfere in the process that you have, as a people and a planetary entity, worked so long to reach the culmination of, and you have arrived at the entry point of the moment of lifetimes. We will answer any call for help that we are able to participate in, until the time comes for our full participation opening sanctioned by general agreement among all parties involved.

Until then, know that we are here. Know that life will survive and that light will prevail in the long time of shadows and secrets. You have not come this far to be found wanting, for your circuitous route to understanding, knowledge, and discovery has brought you into the state of awareness of many more mysteries than you could have imagined yourselves approaching even a short time ago. More mysteries await your discovery, and more rewarding shores shall open to your entry. Be at peace with the unfolding of the universe, for it does, in fact, know what it is doing. Let fear not be part of the equation, and let love become part of your entire picture.

Into the Blue Horizon

empty bed awaken

The clouds of the past are dissipating, dear people of the planet. You are being very calm about it all, despite the things that are brewing on the host of heaven’s big plan for the future. Yet there are some things that need to be set into motion before the inevitable whatever-it-is happens that’s about to happen. You see, there exists in the timeline ahead that is the most likely one for you to pass along the possibility that there is a grand event that makes the world wake up and pay attention. There is no guarantee that there will be a light show from the spaceships so many are in, but there’s no authority that says there won’t be. It remains to be seen. What we are here to say today is that there is something about to hit the minds and hearts of many people, and that we are on the horizon to make sure things go well for the whole of the world. You see, we can’t jump in and make it all better, but we can be just on the envelope, for now, and keep order from this side of reality. It won’t be long before that changes, but for now we are watching, waiting, and making things smooth to the extent that you can perceive.

High above the rim of the sky and a little beyond that, we have our perch. We have been waiting for the time to come when we can be within the sphere of Earth’s lifestream again and interaction with you can resume. You have no tangible memory of the time when we were in your world other than vague impressions, recollections in dreams and lost visions, and the stories relegated to books and myth. We assure you that the time has been that you walked with gods and the time will give way to that being so in a short while. The first hints of that are arriving in your minds as shimmers of seeing and knowing that there are among you the men of light and the world of great things to come is at your doorstep. You have known in your hearts and it is coming to the forefront of your minds now, that once we walked the Earth together. So shall we do again, beloveds, in a way that puts everything about the millennia of separation into focus and opens understanding to a greater reality than engendered by the limited interaction you are able to partake in today. It is necessary for us to wait until the time has presented itself unequivocally near to the end of the road for there to be no interference in the best-case scenario available for the planet. There is no way that you can solve the issues of calamity that are streaming forth from the planet without some help, either from outside the sphere of Earth or from within, in the relaxation of control that has gripped everything since the time of the end of Eden until now. The things you need to get the world aright are there, all right, but they are closely guarded and under wraps. Is there a way for you to get them uncovered? You are working hard to wake up. It’s slow going, and the nightmare that looms is nothing that a lot of people want to see. We simply are here in case you need a sound reaction to get the job of awakening done, but we are only able to do so much right now.

Reality has morphed from what it was a tiny bit of time ago, and will continue to change as the minutes and days eke forward. This is the initiation into light that so may have been longing for, but it isn’t what the infernal lords have been wanting to see. You are able to wrest yourselves free from the condition of slavery if you wish it to be so. We are happy to help in the best way for your entire race. We won’t take just the thought for a select few kind of plan. If it’s going to work, it has to work for everyone, even the shadows that have been sucking your blood while you slept. You have a little while to remain at rest, dear family. The time of awakening is soon to be upon you. Be ready to jump out of bed and into the full light of day.

Good Morning, It’s Time to Get Out of Bed

You are all doing a lot of work right now as a people coming into the realization that your rosy picture of the world isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If you are coming to realizations about how reality has tricked you into believing it was real, then you are waking up from a dream into awareness of a new day. That is nice to hear, but what does it really mean? What is a new day but a new opportunity to recreate your world according to your intent and awareness? Today is a day of great change, if you so deem it to be. It is a day of a new reality coming into being, if you decide to relinquish the remnants of belief still trying to hide from the light of your wakening consciousness. Everyone is feeling some kind of nudging to see what has always been hidden from them as it reluctantly comes into view. You might realize that your relationships have been other than what you would like them to be. Now you have a choice. You could decide that’s how it is. You could shift your response to one of love and appreciation for giving yourself such a rich gift to experience the full blossoming of. If it seems like you have done all that, don’t despair, you are on the doorstep with your hand outstretched towards the doorknob. If you open the door, you will not be in the same situation ever again. If you open the door to another reality, your relationship or whatever it is that comes up for you now will change. If you reject the doors that lead to realities with the expression of complaint, bitterness, or insensitivity, then that is what you choose. Don’t worry, a brief foray is sometimes needed for your full understanding that you might not want to stay in that kind of world. You can find yourself at another set of doorways as easily as deciding that you must change. Then choose anew. You can’t lose, because you can have another set of doorways appear anytime you want them. Just ask: Are you able to risk losing the framework of beliefs that constantly lead you to doorways of suffering? Are you able to see the cracks in the foundation? Maybe it’s time to look at what you don’t want so you can have your self ready for a new set of parameters to settle into. It is easy for reality to shuffle itself around what you intend to experience. It is time to mourn the death of illusion, folks, and not a moment too soon.

You are only as entrapped in the web of illusion as you choose to be to experience what you became human to experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all. It has been to your credit that you are still in the game, changing realities with ever-increasing facility and awareness. We ETs are relieved, for now we can embark on a most promising timeline in the realm of What’s Possible Now. If you are ready to shed the illusion that we are not really going to enter into your reality, we may proceed. You are, for the most part, ready, but in your general population there is still some lingering doubt, which we are busily sweeping away, with the help of those brave souls who love the truth and abandon fear. Our thanks go out to you always for the work you do in sharing what you know. The veil of illusion is falling to pieces. Only a few thin threads keep it in some semblance of order, and they are about to become eroded to the point of fraying altogether. You hear much in metaphor about the imminent breakthrough of light, and we are here to tell you that it will be more than metaphorical when the veil finally disintegrates.

The information we have been sharing with you these past several months is meant to support you in the transformation of consciousness that you are about to witness in yourselves in a very big way. All the talking in the world, or beyond, cannot prepare you for such a change if you are not willing to open your own eyes to what is on the horizon, casting the first rays of twilight on the landscape of the reality you have always known and trusted. In the time since we began speaking to you through these messages, you have passed through many intensifications of frequency, of intention, of relationship with your self emerging from illusion. All of humanity has undergone the perfecting scalpel of the source of perfection, and now is the time of final adjustments before we are more visibly present. Relax, be aware of your opportunities for perfection and do what you can to ease someone’s heart when they are overly stimulated by the energies of change sweeping through the planet. Remind them that they can choose peace as easily as they can choose chaos. Remind them that they are divine, that they are loved, and that they are in the middle of a planetary transformation that is natural and in perfect order. Listen for the ionosphere to start crackling, and be ready to transmute whatever you have left of illusion into a new reality.

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What If You Found What You Are Looking For?

Thousands of pairs of eyes scan the skies for a hint of a glint of light, an object or an orb, something — anything — that will signal the end of doubt and skepticism forever on the question of our existence. You have taken pictures and videos, made documentaries and exposes, you have created an entire culture built upon the idea that the time is coming for the world to finally acknowledge that you aren’t actually the only ones in the universe, that you aren’t alone, and that you have to wake up as a people and a planet if there is to be any hope of entering into a new reality relatively unscathed. The more aware you become, the more information you have to use to build understanding and eliminate fear. You who have received the message about your own divinity are the ones who can guide others on the path of promise that Nine is. It is up to you to reach to the stars; we are here and we are responding to your heartfelt offers of friendship. We are brothers and sisters to you, and in love we say, it is not long now before you see that for yourselves. By “not long”, we are speaking of cycles of weeks rather than moons. As you come together in accord, you heighten your ability to see what has before been hidden. As you find your innate divine spark, and as you find light in the shadowy corners of your soul, you see in the form of opalescent truth what before you saw as invisible illusion. With this increase in perception, you may just see what before you had only hoped was true, taken on faith and a few blurry images. We ask, because the time has come for asking: What will you do when you see for yourselves what had been hidden behind a veil of misinformation, in the very near future? It will be before you know it that you will have to answer this question anyway, so we ask in preparation so you have a moment to ponder. Really, what do you think you’ll do? Freaking out aside, of course.

You are tired of hearing about it, we know. We have seen how you fixate on specifics, though, and we want to avoid any misdirection of energy. Soon is in relative terms because “August 15”, for example, would perhaps be distracting. You have enough to think of. If we said “October 23”, you would be likewise at a temporal focal point rather than freely flowing with unfolding events. So we stick with “soon”, and let you work out some layers of frustration and fear and whatever else that word conjures up for you. It will all be to your benefit, if you keep your mind on your path of perfection rather than seeking to downplay the role of integration of lesser frequencies with higher tones of OM. When we do show up on your doorstep, please remember that we did mention this, that the love you bring to your awareness in the form of having allowed reality to rearrange itself despite your personal misgivings, divisive tendencies and malicious ingratitude for opportunity after opportunity to overcome them is the great secret to why we do what we do the way we do. As you are fond of saying, it is the journey, not the destination, that makes the trip worthwhile.

So what if you saw a lightship? What if you saw an angel? What if you saw enemies make peace, soldiers put down their weapons, and treacherous villains morph into beings of light? What if you experienced the end of a lifelong struggle with a family member, with addiction, with hopelessness or despair? Can you see yourself in that situation, looking at your life forever changed because something in your reality has suddenly ceased to be, or some secret longing has taken form in front of you? Can you make that switch from here to there in your thinking, can you feel what it would feel like to be free of every limitation your beliefs had impinged upon your reality with? It would be worth considering, perhaps, not so much because you don’t want to be caught unprepared as because in doing so you create a thread of energy to which reality can entrain. These are bold actions, these thoughts, and they can result in bold realities coming into view. Consider what you want to experience for yourself, and see if anything changes. If you put your mind to it, and your heart, you can get the hang of it pretty quickly. Honestly, how would your reality change if you had no fear about having “the conversation” you’ve been putting off? What would your life be like if you had no need for your addictions? Can you imagine that? Just sit with it for a minute and let the fear seep out of the whole scenario, then sit with it for a moment more. Just in that moment, a new reality has begun to come into view. It could be just what you are looking for.

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Focus and You Will See

For a long time now, you’ve heard us say soon, soon will you see us, soon you will be on your way home. You understand time is relative, but you may be scratching your heads wondering what it’s relative to. That thought alone can spin off a hundred different discussions, but we would have you focus on one particular point. If time is relative, and space is a matter of much debate, then perhaps it is your consciousness which makes the point of time relevant to anything at all. If your awareness of time’s passage is all that stands between you and timelessness, it follows that your awareness of the inconceivability of time’s cessation is merely a matter of becoming aware of the interval between one moment and another. You do this all the time in states of meditation and psychoactive stimulation, some of you. It is a natural state of the human being. When you’re being human–that is, limited by the constraints of your 3-D existence–your senses cannot pick up the finer vibrations that the net of time filters out from your experience. On the contrary, when you are a human being–existing in the fullness of your nature unencumbered by the artificiality of a matrix of subjectivity–then you can access the finer states of being, and become fully aware of the depth of reality. Beyond your atmosphere lay a vastness of experience invisible to most people in the hustle of making a living and getting by. Pause a moment with us and let your senses relax into sharper focus. There is a world of discovery waiting for you, and we are part of it.

Lately, you may have become distracted from the blossoming of a new reality. It’s right under your nose, but you have to filter out a cacophony of stimulus to sense it. Detaching is not so easy for those addicted to the glare of the light shaped by the supposed keepers of Truth and What’s Very Important. It is something of a trick for even those who consider themselves to be above the hum of mass culture to let their attention be totally free, except for brief interludes of bliss. Yet the new reality is quite present. It can even become palpable, and soon it will. What say you to the adventure of a lifetime? How do you get there? Let’s first consider your brain.

Your head is the central point of awareness for the interpretive experience of the holographic reality of which your form plays a part. Inside your head is a mass of circuitry bathed in a conscious-making bowl of chemical soup. Communication between the circuits, the soup, and awareness is governed by the neural pathways embedded as impressions of experience, which with repeated traffic are made into the structural basis of what you term “belief”. Now, there are various ways for reconstructing these neural pathways, most of which are carefully secreted from general knowledge and consumption. However, there need be no intervention at all if, for a moment, you can disengage your awareness from what’s going on around you and focus on the architecture of belief. Oh, it is not such a labor as you might think, and the atmosphere of reality is thinning to the point of making such escapades more reliably invariably available to anyone.

So here is a door. It opens when you close your eyes. You enter it when you breathe. You feel its confines as your breath expands within you. It is a room of memory in the house of pain, and you are going to collapse it into nothingness with the mere thought, I AM. See the dust fly as your brain’s interior designers get to work, with your permission and your full trust, to dismantle what once you thought was a necessary component to the activity of awareness. You come fully equipped with the staff and protocols necessary for your experience of being human to be perfected. As you enter into a field of vibration akin to timeless being, you will find that, if you relax into the experience, awareness is all around you, seeping into your pores and extending the reach of your senses into infinity. You need nothing external. For some, the application of natural substances can be a heartening experience as strangeness reflects the brokenness of the traumatized human psyche and sensibility is regained according to ancient entheogenic codes and shamanic vibratory encapsulations. There are tools for healing, yet you are of a design that incorporates everything necessary for repair and regeneration of your body, mind, and heart. Awareness unlocks the toolbox. Relax and you will find that key resting in the palm of your hand. It has been within you all the time. Know this to be true.

With practice, you can completely free yourself from the anchors you’ve dragged around behind you, perhaps not even aware they were shackled to your ankle. And these days, the slightest effort, mindfully applied, can yield astounding results. Within and around each thought that flits through your usually distracted head are keyholes for awareness. Yet do you dare look? Even the most frightening possibilities are dissolvable, with care and diligence. Know you are not alone, and can exponentially redouble your efforts by becoming aware of others on the planet who are themselves aware of the power of dissolution. Let the structures of pain fall away. Crawl out from the rubble and shake off the dust. Know that humanity is doing this even now, becoming more aware of itself as a conscious entity headed for awakening. It is up to you to dismantle the structure of fear and doom that yet pervades the corners of the mass consciousness–not with a bang, nor a whimper, but with the simple act of becoming aware. It is all right, you know, to be. Understanding is but a breath away.

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